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The Script 2015 Tour!

Different kind of post for me today, but I just wanted to speak about the scripts latest tour. I went to the 7th March show in Manchester, and even though we were sat quite far away it is definitely one of the best shows that I have been to.

Getting Tickets

Me and my friend got the tickets way back when they were first released and it’s been nice to have something to look forward to. I know that she is a bigger fan than I am, and that is partly why I went because I know how much she loves them, but I do however have a great love for the band. In order to afford tickets I had to endure a spending ban. We got our tickets, and we were going to the The Script 2015 Tour!

The Show

Tinie Tempah was amazing, and was a perfect replacement for Labrinth. I also loved the crowd involvement such as the phone call to one girls ex and the walking through the crowd. The person sat next to my friend went to the toilet halfway through, and whilst he was out, he saw Danny walking past and showed us the pictures when he got back.
Overall it was just amazing, and I thought I’d share. The pictures aren’t great and there isn’t a lot, as I decided to actually enjoy the experience and not spend the whole night taking pictures and videos. Has anyone else been to any of the dates?
That was The Script 2015 Tour!
Thank you for reading!

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