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After being a way for a while, I thought that I’d come back with a post on some of my current favourites.
I wouldn’t say that this list is everything that I’ve been loving for the past month. They’re things that I have been using daily, that I thought I’d share. As they are cheap and affordable, but work really well.

Along Came Betty – Hands That do Wishes

I got this in a set from a friend for Christmas. Hand creams are my favourite, so I couldn’t wait to try this. I especially like the fact that the scent is Peach & Apricot as too many things nowadays are strawberry, so this is a nice change. You only need the tiniest amount of this, as a little bit goes a long way.

Primark – Tangy Cherry Hand Gel

There is nothing I love more than carrying a hand gel around. It’s so convenient. I’ve tried a lot and got through quite a lot. This one is one my favourites, as it makes my hands feel clean, and it smells good to. It was only £1, so it’s a bargain!

Primark – Bee Natural Pomegranate

Yes another Primark product! I can’t say no to a lip balm. The balm is clear and leaves no colour on the lips. It has a nice smell of pomegranate, but it’s very moisturising too.

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora – Oragina

I’m thinking about doing a blog post on this because this has become my ultimate favourite. The colour is so pretty! I also love the quality of the polish, as it lasts for absolutely ages without chipping, which is brilliant! I’d say that 2-3 coats are needed to make the colour fully opaque, but this is expected with practically every polish.

Coconut Luxury Fragranced Candle

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I’m a little bit in love with candles, is this a ‘common white girl’ thing? I don’t know, but candles are one of my loves and another one of my loves is the smell of coconut, so when I found this all of my dreams came true,, to be dramatic. Not only do I like the smell of this candle, but I like the look of it, it is very simple looking yet it has a little bit of elegance to it. I cannot remember the price of this, as I bought it a while ago, but I do know that it is from home bargains, so it won’t have cost too much.
And that is a few products that have been getting me through life the past couple of weeks. It’s a little different to my other makeup filled favourites!
Is there any products or things that you have been loving? Let me know in the comments.
Thank you for reading!

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