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  1. Whenever I read your blogs about lipstick I always go out and want to buy them all, this is such a great post I love it. I have also put you forward to do the Liebster Award sorry but I had to pick someone hehe. if you want to go and give it a read and then answer it that be really great, Once again loved this blog! as much as I'll love going to Mac tomorrow to purchase plumful.


  2. Lady danger looks like the most beautiful color I've ever seen! I have ruby red and I seriously love it so much! Only Mac lipstick I own, but I definitely want to invest in some more for the fall season. Thanks for the ideas 🙂


  3. Aw, thank you! I bet you bank account hates me haha! It's fine I'll check it out! Thank you for the nomination, I appreciate it! Thanks again! x

  4. It really does look gorgeous, but so does that shade! Mac really do have some gorgeous colours! No problem, thank you for reading! x

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