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If there’s one thing I love, it’s weddings. I have watched pretty much every program on TLC about weddings (it is a total guilty pleasure of mine). Plus I love looking at all of the beautiful dresses whether it be bridal or bridesmaids, so when Aisle Style contacted me, I was more than happy to have a look at their site.

One of the first things that I noticed was the search section as it is at the top of the page, as I feel like every bride has a colour scheme, and will want the bridesmaid dresses to match, and one of the filters is colour, so it makes it easy to find a dress in that particular colour, even thought practically every dress can be in any colour.

The search can also be narrowed down by the silhouette, hemline/train and the neckline, so it makes finding the dress a whole lot easier, as it can be narrowed down to leave the dresses that you are after.

One thing that did spring to my mind when I was looking at the dresses is that they can be worn again for any formal event, as I’m going on a cruise in January, and I  immediately thought that any of these dresses would be perfect for the formal night!

Bridal Dresses

This for me is my ideal dress. I love everything about it, I love the skirt, I love the top, the detailing on the sleeves and the material. The dress comes in three colours and it costs £279.00
There is so much detailing to this dress, that might not show up to well in the picture, but on website when it’s zoomed in on, it looks gorgeous! I also love the detailing of the straps! This dress comes in three colours and it costs £205.99


I think I have a little bit of thing for wrap detailing, as you may notice from the other dresses, but I like how this has the little bit of wrap detailing over the bust. I also LOVE the sequin detailing, it’s just gorgeous and gives the dress a bit of a unusual feel to it. This dress cots £119, and is available in 62 different colours.
I love how simple this dress is, but that wrap detailing over the bust is my favourite. I have no idea why I like wrap detailing so much, but I think it’s really pretty. This dress costs £75.99 and there are 55 colours to pick from.
This dress caught my eye straight away, and that is because it is absolutely beautiful. I love the floral detailing over the top and how they fall down across the dress, I also love how it is not a block colour and you can see hints of white in there too! This dress costs £139.00 and there are 36 colours to pick from!
This to me is very unusual for a prom dress, well to me it is anyway, as I don’t think anyone at my prom wore a mermaid style dress like this, I love the detailing along the sides, and also the detailing on the mermaid style. This dress costs £259.00 and there are 38 colours to pick from!
Thank you for reading and thank you to Aisle Style for working with me on the post!


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    Wow! These are so beautiful and such amazing prices as well!

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