Christmas Gift Guide Under £20!

I have been thinking about doing this for a while now, as I have been thinking about doing Blogmas, but then I remember that I don’t cope well with stress and I knew trying to upload everyday would drive me mad and would be beyond stressful for me, I’m trying to build on uploading, as I’ve gone from one a week to two, and I would like to add another day, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it
ANYWAY, enough ramble and onto the post!
I have already done most of my Christmas shopping; I just need to get a few more bits to top it all off, and then I’ll be set. Everything that I’ll mention will be under £20.
I’ll start with Soap and Glory, as they have some amazing sets out around Christmas time. It has been difficult to try and narrow this down to only a few things as they all look so good to give or receive.
Soap and Glory Scents of Occasion – £12
I think something that everybody raves about when they talk about Soap and Glory is the scent, so it would be lovely to gift not one, but four of the fragrances fro £12, which works out at £3 a bottle. The first fragrance is the Original Pink which is the standard Soap and Glory smell, the second is Sugar Crush which is sweet lime and vanilla musk, the third scent is Mist You Madly which smells like freesia, cassis and vanilla and the last scent is Fruitigo which is yuzu fruit and wild fig.
Soap and Glory Winter Wonderhand – £8
As you can see this gift includes three of the 50ml handfoods, Sugar Crush, The Original and Smoothie Star. These are so handy as gifts, as they are travel size, so they are perfect for carrying around in a handbag, and you aren’t stuck with one fragrance, you have three to pick from!
The next place is Lush, as Lush have some gorgeous sets that are already nicely packaged, so if you don’t like wrapping then these sets will be ideal for you.
Golden Wonder – £8.95
One thing to mention about this, is that it is actually cheaper to pay for the two items separately, but like I mentioned earlier, if you don’t like wrapping and would prefer to give presents that have been pre wrapped then this is a good choice. In this you get the Golden Wonder, which makes a lovely gift, as I have bought this as a gift for a friend before. It looks cute and smells just as good. The other product is Star Dust, which I think is a little overlooked, as it is just plain white, but it smells amazing, and it is also has little multicoloured stars that float around the bath!
After having a browse on the Makeup Revolution site for the Black Friday sales, I noticed that they have some lovely gift sets for a good price.
Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert – £9.33 (was £14)
I think this is such a lovely set, as you get the two brushes as well as a blush palette and a highlighting palette. I think this is great for people experimenting with makeup, as they get all of the different shades to pick from to see what works for them, or makeup lovers in general.
The next brand is Too Faced, as they also have some lovely gifts available.
French Kisses Melted -£18
So this set is on the pricey side, but I feel like I have been seeing the Melted lipsticks everywhere on Instagram. These aren’t the full size, but instead ‘clutch bag size’, which sounds like they could be pretty small, but when one full size retails at £15, it is a good gift, as the ranges of colours are nice The shades are Melted Metalic Peony, Melted Chihuahua, Melted Metalic Macaron and Melted Berry.
Another brand to try for Christmas gifts is MAC.
MAC Lipstick – £15.50
The Christmas stuff is a little expensive, but you could always get a lipstick, as everyone loves MAC lipstick, right? There is so much choice and so many finishes to pick from, but perfect for anyone that loves makeup
Topshop makeup is always hyped about, and they have brought out some really cute Christmas gifts for a good price.
Christmas Mini Lip Bullet Pyramid – £5
There are three different shades to pick from that are all £5 and packaged in this bauble like container. The one in the picture is Get Me Bodied, which looks like a lovely winter purple, the other two are Motel and Joyride.
Christmas Mini Nail Pyramid – £5
Like the lip bullet there a few different shades to pick from that are all £5 in the picture is magpie, but you can pick from Rage, Ghost and Croupier. They are packaged in the same bauble like packaging that makes them lovely Christmas gifts.
The Body Shop always have nice Christmas sets and even some scents that are only available for Christmas!
Frosted Cranberry Treat Box – £8
This is one of the scents that is only around for the Christmas period, and it smells amazing! In the set you get the shower gel, a body butter and a mini crinkle bath lily. It is a perfect set for Christmas, as it is already nicely packaged, and is it is the Body Shop, you know the quality is there.
Coconut Beauty Bag – £12
This is not one of the Christmas scents, but it is my favourite, so I felt the need to include it. In the set is a Coconut Shower Cream. body butter, hand cream and a matching bath lily. The bag that it comes in also looks really pretty.
Number 7 is a brand that I haven’t really tried, but I was looking at the Christmas stuff in Boots and they have some lovely things that would make lovely gifts.
Mini Eye Palette – £10
 I feel like this would make a lovely Christmas gift, as the colours in the palette look stunning, and it includes a proper brush, Not one of the sponge ones! There is a bigger version available of this for £20 which includes 20 shades, which would also make a lovely gift if you have the extra money.
So that is my Christmas gift guide, I hope it’s helpful to any of you that are stuck on what to get!
Thank you for reading!
None of the pictures are mine*


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