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Gemporia | The Diamond Room*

As you may remember, I did a post back in January with a brand called Gemporia. All about the gorgeous jewellery that they have on offer. (You can check that post out by clicking here!) I’m back again with another post, as they have a new service launching on the 4th March! (Hold on to your hats, it’s a good one!)

 This is Gemporia | The Diamond Room*

As soon as I read into the Diamond Room, I loved everything about it, but before I start rambling on, I should probably explain what it is. You can also check out Gemporia’s website for more information, by clicking here!

 What Is It?


On the 4th of March Gemporia will be launching The Diamond Room. The main feature is that you can request a one on one demonstration of any of the products that are featured. Not only do you get a one on one, but you’ll have a diamond expert to show you the latest pieces. This is anything from Diamond stacker rings, elegant show-stopping necklaces and engagement rings!

 Any Savings?

Some of you may be wondering about the price, as it all sounds way too good to be true, but you can expect savings of up to 57.5% off of the high street!

I love the whole system of having a one on one session, as shopping online for jewellery can be a little bit daunting, as there is so much information to take in, but with this new system Gemporia are completely taking away that element, as you’ll have assistance to make sure you find the right piece for you!

 When Will it Be Available?

The Diamond experts will be available from 1pm till 1am (UK time) 7 days a week to offer a completely interactive service during peak shopping hours! This service allows you to get a view of the product in real-time with the experts demonstrating the jewellery, so you don’t have to rely on a single picture!

The Positives


–   You get to chat with an expert!
–    Amazing prices with no rates or rent to cover!
–   When you have decided on the pieces for you, it can be added to your basket and shipped the next working day!
–   The items are direct from the manufacturer to the consumer

How amazing does this all sound?! It’s a little bit mind-blowing to me, how you can get all of this without having to leave your house!  It all launches on the 4th of March, so not that long to go!


If you’d like a browse of the jewellery that Gemporia has on offer then you can click here! 


Thank you for reading, and thank you to Gemporia for working with me on the post!

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