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Blogmas Day 13: Why I Love This Time of The Year

Everyone has their own reasons for loving Christmas time, whether it’s because of their traditions or all of the family time. I thought I would list some of the things that I love about this time of year.
This is Blogmas Day 13: Why I Love This Time of The Year!


The family time that surrounds Christmas is really special, as everyone is less busy and has more time to relax together. Spending last Christmas with my Nan, Grandad and Mum watching the Disney film Brave will always be a special memory for me.


There’s something so magical about going to your local shopping centre and seeing it decked up with sparkling Christmas decorations, or driving around and seeing houses covered with lights. Putting the decorations up also really helps you to get into the Christmas spirit!


Of course I could not make this list and not include the food. Chocolate for breakfast followed by Christmas dinner is always a winning combination. Then there’s always the remaining chocolate for the rest of the day!


I’m not the biggest film fan, but I really love Christmas films. You can even check out a previous blogmas post to some of my favourites, by clicking here! Christmas evening for us is spent watching a film knowing that we don’t have to move or be anywhere else.


I also have a post of my Christmas playlist, which you can check out here! Some radio stations come about at this time of the year that are dedicated to Christmas music which we always have on in the car, as what’s better than listening to Christmas music?!

That was Blogmas Day 13: Why I Love This Time of The Year, I hope you enjoyed!

What are your favourite things about this time of the year?

Thank you for reading!

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