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Blogmas Day 14: Seven Affordable Festive Candles

This is probably going to be one of the more difficult posts, as describing scents is not easy, but everyone loves a good candle, right?

Let’s get into it!

Yankee Candle Season of Peace

I never hear anyone talk about this candle, but it is my favourite and has been for about three years now. It is released every Christmas and is scented with white musk. It isn’t the strongest candle on the scene, so it isn’t really over powering, in fact it isn’t over powering at all. It also contains creamy vanilla bean in the base of the scent which really adds up for a gorgeous scent.

Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie

Every Christmas I see this candle plastered all over Instagram and because of the colour I have always really wanted to like it, but never did; until recently. I was in a Yankee store and something just clicked I really liked it, so I of course picked up a medium-sized jar. It has a base of sweet buttercream and sugar cookie with top notes of fluffy marshmallow and whipped vanilla icing. There are also mid notes of warm cinnamon and nutmeg. It really does smell like cookies and the packaging makes this a really sweet candle to give as a gift.

B&M Winter Mist

I finally managed to get myself into B&M and find some of their Bath and Body Works inspired candles. I love the smell of this one. It’s not sickly or overpowering, but rather fresh. I love the lid as well with the print of the snowflake, it really adds to the festive feel.

B&M Iced Candy

This is a little bit sweeter than Winter Mist, but it’s not overpowering or sickly. I personally think B&M are killing it with their candles at the minute, as they’re affordable, but smell amazing, Describing scent is not easy, so I’m not quite sure what to compare this too. If you like a scent that will fill a room this one is for you,as the scent is really strong when burning.

Essence Frosted Vanilla

So this isn’t really a Festive candle, but it’s vanilla and vanilla is my favourite scent for a candle. It smells like home baking, so really warm and cosy. It has three wicks, so I’m hoping it will burn evenly, as I can never seem to get candles to burn out properly.

Essence Winter Berries

This is the same design as the previous candle, but a different scent. This one doesn’t really make me think of Christmas, as it just smells like traditional berries. I can’t seem to pick out anything that would relate this to Christmas time, but it is a really nice candle if you don’t like the traditional cinnamon and nutmeg scents.

Beautiful Home | Toasted Nutmeg

This candle really amuses me, as it is massive. The approximate burn time is 35 hours, but I know this will last ages. Plus once it’s done you can keep the jar, as the glitter is really pretty (also really messy) Now this scent is for those who like a traditional Christmas scent, as the Cinnamon and Nutmeg is apparent. It has three wicks to produce even burning. This candle is definitely one of my favourites, plus it only cost £3.99

That is a pick of seven festive candles!

What candle is your favourite around Christmas time?

Thank you for reading!

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