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Blogmas Day 15: Our Christmas Tree Decorations

One of my favourite things about Christmas is going to pick the Christmas tree. We never used to have a real one, but as our artificial one got older it started to look less like a Christmas Tree and more like the leaning tower of Pisa. After years of pestering for a real tree I finally managed to convince the family to get one.

Picking The Tree

It is by far one of the best Christmas activities especially as we tend to drive from garden centre to garden centre having a look around. Garden centres are my favourite at this time of year, as I love all of the decorations. I even included it in my 2017 December Bucket list.
There’s just something so nice about having a real tree, from the picking it, to the smell of the pine needles. We’ve had to be a little more careful this year because of my dog Ralph. It’s pretty much guaranteed that he’ll try to bite any branches that hang low.

Our Christmas Tree

The overall theme of our tree is Red, White and Gold. We do also use some decorations that my mum has had since she was young, as the sentimental value is everything.

I especially love the fairy lights on the tree, as they have a really pretty twinkly affect which looks gorgeous. It also makes for a cosy night in, when you have a Christmas film on and the fairy lights twinkling in the background.
I would list where our decorations are from, but we haven’t bought any new ones this year and we just tend to pick random ones up from different stores and local garden centres. Have I mentioned that I like Garden Centres haha?
Do you have a colour theme for your Christmas tree?
Thank you for reading!
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