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  1. Omg you’ve picked up so many lovely bits! You’re gonna have such fun playing with it all haha. So many gorgeous highlighters. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. Thanks for the tip about Findation, I’ve never heard of it but I do a ton of online shopping! Looks like you got some great stuff, I love all the Kylie dupes x

    Beauty From Katie

  3. I was just browsing the tam website and I found some lovely products, I don’t need any new items since I have been purchasing a lot lately but these are so pretty not to order. The bronze and glow is so pretty!


    • They have some really lovely bits, such good prices too! That’s what gets you with makeup revolution, you don’t need it, but they’re so pretty!xx

  4. I really want to try the Barry M Lip kits and now you’ve got me lusting over everything else in your post! Hehe, lovely haul, let us know how you get on with everything!
    Elle du Jour xxx

  5. You picked up so many lovely products, makeup revolution are killing it at the minute!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  6. I keep seeing reviews about the Barry M lip kit and really wana try it! I love their lipsticks in general, the colour selection is always so unique and amazing, I have tried double wear before but I personally didn’t like it, I use Armani luminous silk which I highly recommend x


    • I’ve had a little try of them and they’re really good! They dry down really matte! I’ve not tried Barry M lipsticks before, I’ll have to give them a go! I’ll have to look into that one, thank you!xx

  7. Girl, you have picked up some lovely bits! I am dying to get my hands on that Pro Glow palette, it’s beautiful. Also the Estee Lauder foundation is one of my favourites and I NEED to repurchase.



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