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  1. This is such an interesting idea for a post! 😀 I love your advice for new bloggers too, I think it is so crucial to write what you are interested in and taking breaks when needed every now and again for sure 🙂 thanks for sharing and also thank you again for tagging me in this post, I'll definitely be filling this out soon 😀


  2. I completely agree, unique blogs are more fun to read than ones that are identical to popular ones! Thanks for tagging me x

    Beauty From Katie

  3. Thank you! I really is, isn't it?! I think it's really important to take breaks when you need them! No problem, I can't wait to read it! xx

  4. I think its so easy in getting caught up with what everyone else is doing that it can be easy to sometimes lose yourself. Ggreat post lovely!
    Kate xx


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