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  1. I’m not a film person either haha! I find it so hard to get in to them and sit through the whole way. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. Well done on being nominated, very much deserved! Really enjoyed reading your post.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  3. Your welcome – I love your blog and this is a great post X I have no piercings either – some of my friends have loads then there is me with none! And one of my friends did all of her piercings herself too – tbh it was quite successful. And I really like to travel too X
    Sarah X

  4. Congrats on the award! 😊
    I also have a very hard time watching films in a straight hour. I always have to check my browser tab or my phone when I’m watching a movie lol.
    I love Disney too! Especially their animated movies <3
    I'm also a picky eater. I don't eat vegetables or any meat I can't identify 😂
    I only started wearing makeup about three years ago because I got insecure over having pimples, which started around the same time.
    Santorini is definitely my dream! I just love Greece, overall.

    • Thank you! Glad it isn’t just me, I do the exact same thing! You can’t beat the animated movies! Don’t blame you on that one haha! That’s not too long ago either! It looks so pretty doesn’t it?! Thank you for reading!xx

  5. I love these types of posts! I think its because im nosey lol. Great blog!
    Kate xx


  6. Oh this has made my day 🙂
    And I always love reading more facts about the bloggers I like.
    I’m going to write my post now 🙂

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