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  1. Loved this where you are so honest, at least you can admit to doing the small things when people can’t admit to s*** when it comes to bigger situations. I love your Instagram and your blog anyway whether you did this or not! I did see the whole s*** going down on Twitter when everyone found out about them! It’s mad people pay for followers/likes – I’d rather spend my money on make up of course!

    Taylor Jane ox

    • Thank you! That’s true! Thank you so much, that means a lot! It was everywhere, wasn’t it? It really is, the money would definitely be better spent on makeup! Thank you for reading xx

  2. I’m awful at blog post titles too 😉 It’s great to open up and be honest about these things, even if they are only small and not really things I’d say are bad! It’s the people who buy followers that annoy me.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  3. I love IG pods! If it weren’t for pods, I may not have found your Insta! I think they’re a great way of meeting new people!

  4. I think everyone is guilty of one of the social media sins! But paying for followers has to be the worst, because as you say it’s pretty pointless. Social media at the moment is so negative, I’m enjoying a bit of a break from it!

    Amy –

  5. I love the honesty in this post and can imagine it must have taken a lot to hit that publish button! I have to say I always ignore DM’s, I just see them as spam. I have been guilty of following and unfollowing in a huff if someone didn’t follow me back but i’m over that now, i only follow people i genuinely want to and think i will talk to them over social media etc.


    • Thank you! It is definitely the first post that I’ve been a little nervous about! I guess that’s what they are really. That’s the best way too be, you don’t want a feed full of things you aren’t really interested in. Thank you for reading xx

  6. Don’t feel too bad. I think i used to do that a time or two, with the whole follow a bunch of people, wait a day or two and unfollow those who don’t follow back. I confess. I did that. I don’t do that anymore either. I do follow a lot of people though. However, I don’t take them off after I follow. Literally, the only reason I would is if they had inappropriate content or something like that. These days, I’m not on a lot of social media. I do Bloglovin’ and my blog mostly. My social activity online is more about visiting blogs (like yours) and leaving a comment, if I like what they have to say 🙂

    ~Laurali Star


    • I think quite a lot of people do it, because as annoying as it is; it works. No, it’s not the best method to use! That’s the reason why I unfollow too, or if their content no longer appeals. Don’t blame you! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment xx

  7. I love the honesty of this post. It’s such a great read and to hear your thoughts on this whole ordeal. I have never used a paid service to grow my numbers and I personally think it’s a waste of money. I believe in growing my numbers organically but it doesn’t hurt to join an engagement pod. I don’t think that’s cheating at all, I believe it’s a great way to boost engagement and you get to build great friendships with new bloggers along the way. I’m not liking the new algorithm at all, it’s really hindering the growth of small/up & coming bloggers. There’s my two cents. I don’t think I’ve ever typed this much in response to a post before. Haha. Have a wonderful day hun.

    ❤️ http://www.TheBlushingPink.com

    • Thank you, and I’m glad you think so! I agree with you on that one, I think of it as a waste of money too. Same here, it is a lot better to do it organically, and engagement pods are really handy, and you’re definitely right! They’re so good for creating friendships and getting to know other people. The new algorithm is a pain, it was much easier when it was order of time, not all this engagement lark. haha Thank you, I’m happy you shared this opinion, and started a discussion! Thank you lovely, you too!xx

  8. So much drama over these bots. I am really crap at social media, people like my photos on Instagram and follow me and I notice it like a week later – I’m just a bit lazy lol! I love how you’ve been so honest, I mean you didn’t have to say you had done those things and to be honest I bet a lot of people have but don’t say. The thing is with social media I feel like we can all be like sheeps – you see someone with loads of followers, you kind of tend to follow them too? I think it very hard to gain the followers and get to the level you want to, but personally I’d rather do it organically x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    • There really has been a lot! It can definitely be hard to keep up with, and at times a lot of effort haha! Thank you, I thought it would be best to be honest, as like I said it happened and I can’t change it, and I guess that’s whats happened with people and these bots. It was a thing, and people may regret it or they may not, but they can’t change it now. That’s so true, it is definitely easy to follow the crowd and want what everyone else has. Definitely with you on doing it organically xx

  9. Im so on the fence with all this. I think blogging has become so much more business like now, that of course people were going to make apps etc, for people o build a following, and business were of course going to pay for them. Its no worse the a magazine taking payment to feature a ad. It happens, is it right? Meh. But I for one am not going to be calling people out for essentially ‘investing’ in their business.
    Blogging is still so young that we are all still learning from it, and what may be frowned upon today, may actually be what happens in the future.
    Plus I have better things to moan about, like when exactly it is that Tom Hardy will meet me and fall in love with me! Lol.
    Great post though hun, its definitly one to get the tongues/fingers wagging lol.
    Kate xx

    • It’s definitely a tricky one, and everyone will have a different opinion on it, because if we all felt the same way they would have never gotten used in the first place. I suppose it depends what kind of audience you’re after, large with minimal interaction or smaller with a higher chance of interaction. No the intention was never to call anybody out here, I aren’t about starting a witch hunt, it’s not that deep. That’s true and that’s what I was getting at with the things I have done, sure I did them and I learnt that they are things that aren’t that great to do, which could be a similar thing with the bots. Who knows. Haha there are definitely better things to moan about and that is certainly one! Thank you lovely!xx

  10. This is such an honest post, I think a lot of us have been guilty of at least one or two ‘blogging no no’s’ but it’s all a learning curve isn’t it. What are these pods on instagram though? I’ve never even heard of it? xx

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • Yeah, the whole blogging experience is full of learning.That’s one of the good things about it. It’s where you’re in a group chat with other bloggers, and you let each other know when you’ve posted so you can like and comment on each others photos xx

  11. I love how sincere and honest you are in this post, hun, and I think that many of your readers will appreciate that, also! <3 Social media can be a tricky thing… We all want to do well and increase our reach, and it's becoming more and more difficult to do so which is why people might resort to things like auto DMs, etc. xoxo


    • Thank you lovely! It really can be, it’s such a learning experience, and like you say everyone is so determined to do the best they can and increase their reach xx

  12. Honestly, this is a question I ask myself a lot. Not because I use bots, have bought followers or send auto DMs. I just worry that I’m not coming across how I intend to. For me, the worst type of auto DMs are the ones that start with “Sorry, I know auto DMs are so annoying, but…” They come across as “I know this is annoying, but I really don’t care.” If you think they’re annoying, don’t send them! I know some people think they’re ok/helpful and that’s find. It’s just people who apologise and then do it anyway that really irritate me. I’m honestly not sure what people’s issues are with Instagram comment pods. They’re just a group of people getting together to share the love and I can’t see this as a bad thing. But each to their own. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    • That’s a big worry of my own too, so I can completely relate to that! Don’t worry though lovely, you come across great! Totally agree that those ones are extremely annoying. That’s so true, it doesn’t come across well at all. No I’m not either, and for that reason. They’re super helpful and really supportive, but like you say: each to their own xx

  13. I love this post Hannah! Brave girl for admitting it, made me laugh because you don’t seem the kind to follow and unfollow- that is the most annoying thing ever! xx


  14. Great post, I see pods as a way of making friends and then interacting with those friends, I miss a lot on insta because of the algorithm and miss friends posts all the time, I have to type people in to see if they’ve posted it’s so so bad, so pods don’t bother me at all. I think as long as everyone plays fair it’ll do me ha ha xxx

    • Thank you! They’re so good aren’t they?! It really helps with the algorithm. It’s so bad that you have to search for people to see if they’ve posted; it would be a lot easy in order of time not whatever it is now! I’m with you on that one!xx

  15. I love this post, so honest! In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong in boosting your social media presence. I don’t get why other people are shaming “influencers” for using tools like automatic DMs, Pods, or other means necessary to market our personal brand. Personally, I use ads to boost my pages. Huge companies have been doing it for a long time. The only difference now is that individuals are doing it now as well to boost their careers. The only thing I didn’t like about this “social media issue” is those who buy thousands and even a million of followers. Every influencer gained a hundred or a couple of hundreds or more of followers through “unorthodox” ways. What I hate is people who are abusing it, they have 5 to 6-digit followers but you see how little their engagements are. That’s unfair.

    ❤️ Alyssa // STYLE VANITY // Instagram

    • Thank you lovely. I don’t think it’s completely wrong, it depends on the method. Ads is a great way, I’ve never looked into it, but it seems good. Yeah, if it’s not organic then there’s an issue, paying to have a larger number is unfair; totally agree xx

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