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  1. I like the look of the highlighters but none of the ones he has brought out makes me want to buy them! I would love them because I only like a highlighter if it is blinding like how he does. There just isn’t a colour that has done it for me! Lovely review though, your photos are so pretty! xx


    • I think that was what took me so long to buy one, none of the colours really stood out, but this one is such a pretty pink! What kind of colours do you like? Thank you so much lovely!xx

  2. I’ve never tried any Jeffree Star products actually but I watch his videos and look at the products all the time! I was on the website the other day and I was actually drawn to this – which is why when I saw your post talking about it, I wanted to see your thoughts! And now, I really do want it! I’m obsessed with blush tones and little baby pink shades. I actually had two other different shades written down in one of my notebooks and now I’m going to cross those out and write this one down! Love your blog babe and great post xoxo

    Much love, Sarah // https://sarahbaileybeauty.wordpress.com/blog/

    • Loads of his products look so good, don’t they? This one is such a pretty colour, it is a gorgeous baby pink! I hope you like it, if you get your hands on it! Thank you so much lovely!xx

  3. This shade is so pretty! I have the highlighter in Dark Horse which suits my skin tone a lot better than this one would but I think that they are all so gorgeous. However, I wouldn’t want to spend the money if I felt like it wasn’t a stand out shade. Great post lovely! xx Nikita

    • It really is! Darkhorse seems like such a lovely colour, but it wouldn’t suit me at all. They really are stunning, he does some gorgeous shades! I don’t blame you! Thank you xx

    • I’ve noticed that too, some people seem to hate them whilst others love them! No problem! I don’t blame you if none have jumped out at you, I hope you manage to find it!xx

  4. This is such a pretty shade and I’ve had my eye on it since it came out. I think i’ll get it come pay day, although I do want the Manny MUA one too .. Hmmm decisions

  5. I’ve always wanted to try Jeffree Star products, but never had a chance. This highlighter looks amazing!

  6. Im not really a fan of JS so I dont tend to try his products. Which is a shame as this does look lovely. Maybe one day.
    Kate xx

  7. I like JS’ makeup but have yet to try a Skin Frost. I loved the look of the Eclipse shade from the Manny MUA collab but was good and didn’t order it … Yet! This shade looks stunning.

    Amy –

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