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  1. I’ve wanted to try the Kylie lip kits for ages, but heard they were quite drying. I recommend the maybelline superstar liquid lipsticks…I love them!

  2. Wow I LOVE the shade of that Mac lipstick! But just have to pick up one of the Makeup Revolution kits after you’ve spoken so highly about something so cheap! 🙂 Great post! X

    • It is such a gorgeous lip colour! The Makeup Revolution is definitely my favourite, it’s so good and such a good price too! Hope you love it! Thank you xx

    • They really are, I tried not to edit the photo of the swatch, so you can see the colour properly! Thank you lovely, and the Barry M one is such a gorgeous colour xx

  3. I heard so much about all of these. Not sure I would invest in the Kylie once but defo in the Barry M! xx corinne

    • They all seem to be really talked about in the community! The Kylie one is a little pricey considering it isn’t the best, but the Barry M one is so good and so cheap too!xx

  4. I love a good lip product! I’ve only tried MAC lip products though, I definitely want to give the Kylie Cosmetics a go though! I’ve heard they are amazing! Great post!

  5. I love this post! I have the same issue with matte lip kits and I found that my Kylie Jenner is my least favourite because of the same reasons you listed- it feels really heavy and came of pretty easily! I really want to try the Revolution lipkit after reading your post!
    Robyn// http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk/

    • Thank you! They do quite a few in different formulas, I’ve only tried this range and really like them! Kylie Cosmetics seem to be really hit and miss; it seems some love them and others hate them! I’ve not tried Milani, but only heard good things! No problem, thank you for reading; I’m glad you like it!xx

  6. I love the look of these lip kits – I would really like to try a Kylie lip kit but there are lot of different opinions about them. I love all the shades and I definitely need to try the Makeup Revolution and Barry M lip kits as they look gorgeous.
    Sarah X

  7. I’ve never actually tried a lip kit – the liquid lipstick stuff has always put me in mind of the horrors of lip gloss in school… *shudder*

    Seeing your post though i would actually go out and buy one to try for myself – probably a cheap one to start before spending more though!

  8. I love the look of Spice & that MAC combo. Good effort with this post, your arm skin must have been painful haha.

    – Amy

    • The MAC combo is beautiful, both of the colours are stunning! Thank you! Honestly, it wouldn’t come off properly, so you could really see where the lipstick had been; it wasn’t a good look haha!xx

  9. Great post! I am so in love with the Barry M lip kits! I have all the shades and Go-To is a lot more drying than the other two – might be worth trying! The Makeup Revolution one looks great, I’ll have to go and pick one up!

    • Thank you lovely! They really are lovely, that’s good to hear! I’ve got Pose, so I’ll see how I go on with that one; thank you! MUR ones are gorgeous xx

  10. Such a great since these are the shades I prefer to wear and a great selection! I’m defo gonna try to get my hands on the Makeup Revolution one!

    Khadija x

  11. Lovely post! I’m really intrigued by lip kits yet I haven’t tried any yet, I’ve always liked the look of the Barry M ones.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  12. I love the Barry M lip duos. I just hope they re-release them with more colours available!
    Kate x

    • Some people really love the Kylie ones, I think it depends on your view of a matte lippy! The Barry M ones are great, especially when you consider the price!xx

  13. I don’t own any lip kits… Or do I ? I own so many lipsticks and lipliners that I can’t keep track of them all x)
    I have only one Barry M Matte Me Up liquid lipstick in the shade Pop Up and WOW. It’s one of my favorite liquid lipsticks ever. I’d been waiting for the pay to roll in and I’ve just made an order for all the Barry M single Lip Paints on Feelunique as well as the three metallic lip kits and the Lip Kits in Runway and Go To – still missing some but OMG, traveling to London on Monday (I live in France… where it’s impossible to come across Barry M except if you order online…) and I’m going to BREAK THE BANK ! 😀
    I’ve never tried the MUR Lip Kits before because I’d heard they were pretty sticky and didn’t want to pay full price just for a lipliner x)
    Thanks for this amazing review ! I’m yet to try the Kylie lip kits… So expensive though. Ugh.
    Tissam x | Tissam Est La

    • haha it can be hard to keep track of what came together and what didn’t! I’ve just googled Pop Up and it looks like such a gorgeous colour! Barry M have some great products and I can’t wait for you to get to London and be able to get it in store! RIP your bank account haha! I have heard mixed opinions on the MUR lip kits, but I personally love them! No problem, thank you for reading! Totally agree on the Kylie ones they are a lot of money!xx

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