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  1. tag posts are often my fave to read! I was answering along with you haha xx


  2. This seems like such an interesting tag! I’ve heard that grey is spelt like “grAy”” in America and “grEy” in England, but I’m American and I usually spell it grey too lol. It sounds like you’ve traveled a lot, I’m jealous! 🙂

  3. I love getting to actually know people, if you get what i mean! I love some of your answers!
    Nicole xx

  4. I love reading these sort of posts I feel like I got to know you abit more. I love the normal English Breakfast tea too!

    Sophia xo // sophiaaaxo.com

  5. It’s funny how similar we are, I found myself answering the questions exactly the same as you lol!
    Liv xx

  6. I love these posts, the questions are often so original and it’s so nice to find out little weird things about people!
    Perrie Edwards is gorgeous I 100% agree with you there! My dog is also my absolute favourite and Red by T Swift is one of my all time fave albums!
    Alice Xx

  7. Ahh love tag posts and getting to know people better! Red by Taylor Swift is one of my favourites too! I always put that on in the car if the radio is annoying me!

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