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  1. Good luck with all your goals, lovely! I hope all your goals and wishes come true. <3 I too would love to learn how to cook a little better. It definitely links in with my resolution to eat healthier this year – it's not easy to cook a proper healthy meal when all you can cook is grilled cheese in my case, haha. Thanks for sharing, lovely. <3 xoxo


    • Thank you so much! Cooking seems like such a vital skill, and it’ll definitely help you to eat healthier, but that balance of grilled cheese is essential haha! No problem, thank you for stopping by xx

  2. Happy new year darl! Great goals. Hope you pass your driving test first time!! I’d love to reach 2k on Instagram in 2018 not sure it will happen though. I’m glad your mental health improved and hope it gets even more better! I want to focus on improving my anxiety. xx


    • Happy New Year! Thank you, I really hope so too haha! I’m sure you’ll get there, but Insta is such a pain lately, it’s so hard to grow! Thank you, and I hope you’re successful with it xx

  3. Loved reading this post! Hope you achieve all of your goals Han, you deserve it. I’m hoping to pass my driving test too, I’m a nervous driver at times as well so I know how you feel! We’ll get there xx

  4. I had a box full of pretty makeup boxes and got rid of about 75% of it yesterday but there’s still a few that I can’t make myself get rid of! Best of luck on all your goals!

  5. These are all amazing resolutions and I am sure you will reach all of your goals, you’ve got the right attitude! I love your baking posts, so if you ever decide to share those with regular meals – I’ll be all over them! Happy 2018 Hannah! xx

    Naya // http://www.partyparrotblog.com

  6. I love your new blog look! Happy new year and good luck with your goals! I just had a clear out of some old and empty products and it felt so good! I’m also working on my mental health more this year as I think it will really make 2018 a better year! x Brynn


    • Thank you so much! Happy New Year, I hope you have a great one! Ah that’s so good, I really need to do that too, it’s so refreshing! I hope you manage it xx

  7. Good luck with all of your goals! I do find Twitter quite hard to grow, but that`s on me maybe, as I am not that involved. I do want to take part in more chats and interact with fellow bloggers. Hope you pass your driving exam soon!

    Beauty Nerd

    • Thank you so much! Good luck, I hope you manage it! Ah thank you! I’ve been stuck on the same numbers for so long now, so I’m hoping to finally get past it haha!xx

  8. Lovely post! I think Twitter can be great for engaging with fellow bloggers and readers, I started using Twitter for this not too long ago but I have the same problem as you. I don’t know what to Tweet! Sharing your favourite posts or accounts is something I always love seeing and plan on doing myself as well. I decided to not use Instagram for blogging as I like having mine private, but that’s just a personal preference. Twitter, however, I am starting to like. I followed you on Twitter as well to help you achieve your goal! Wishing you the best with them all xx

    -Sophie ❤︎
    Cherries & Perfume 

    • Thank you so much! It really can, there are so many on there. It’s so hard isn’t it?! It’s a fab post, and spreads some happiness, so it’s always a good one. Aw that’s okay, it’s not mandatory to have one; plus it’s good to have that personal space away from it. Thank you, I followed you back, and thank you that means a lot xx

  9. I love all your different goals – I’m aiming for some very similar ones this year too! Good luck with achieving them all (and to help a little I’ve just added you on instagram as well!)!

    Heather xoxo

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate that! It definitely took a while, but it’s been so worth it. I hope you manage to save for one you love! Thank you, and you too xx

  10. That is SO good about your anxiety girl, go you!! I usually avoid leaving the house completely on a Saturday because of people and busy-ness so I feel you there haha. I recently had a clear out and it felt so good to get rid of old crappy make-up and clothes etc and I still have tons so I doubt it’ll even be missed! I love the thing about sharing accounts too, I really want to do that more this year as I am the absolute worst at doing FFs! I wish you all the luck with these lovely 🙂 can’t wait to see what’s coming on your brill blog!
    Alice Xx

    • Thank you so much! I’m normally the same, Saturdays are by far the worst day to go out haha! That’s always the way, once it’s gone it’s not really missed, it’s just the actual throwing away which can be painful at the time haha! It’s such a nice thing to do, and I’m sure people will appreciate it! Thank you so much, that means a lot!xx

  11. Good luck with your driving lessons! I definitely need to do a bit of a clear out too, I have so many books and make up products I really don’t need!

  12. I’ve got a massive resolution to improve my mental health especially this year, when you’re struggling with that it can be so difficult because not that many people really understand. Or at least that’s what I find! I’ve also made a goal to be healthier this year as well, so far it’s going well because I’m just finding healthy foods that I actually like eating, rather than eating anything (even if I hate it) just because it’s healthy…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • That is so true. It’s difficult when people don’t understand. If you find healthy food you like, then it’s so much easier to stick to, isn’t it? I’ve been loving eating more fruit. Little bags of sliced apple have been my go to haha xx

  13. I love your goals for 2018, especially about being healthier. I also want to start working out more this year.


  14. I love reading goals posts! I find them so insightful and they always give me ideas for myself. I want to start driving this year too, so I wish you the best.

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