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    • It’s so pretty isn’t it?! It’s amazing just how much of it you can customise, it makes it so much more personal. Marble ones look so good, and they have so many marble ones to pick from xx

  1. I absolutely love CaseApp! Their products are so fun and unique! You chose such a lovely print for both your laptop and phone. I love that you got the same design for both! Great post!

    • They’re amazing, aren’t they?! That’s so true, it’s amazing how you can make it so unique to you. Thank you so much! I really fell in love with the print haha! Thank you xx

  2. I have Caseapp products for my MacBook and iPhone too so I thought I would check yours out! I like the pattern you chose, it’s something different. I designed my own using a photo of my Eucalyptus sprigs and love it! Such a great idea to have devices matching and the quality is fab.

    Samantha x


    • Thank you so much! It’s amazing that they offer the same designs for both. I hope you manage to find something you like too. No problem, thank you for reading!xx

  3. You chose such pretty cases! It sounds great, especially how it’s easy to take off and reapply. I always find doing that so frustrating when the stickers are hard to take off.

    SHANNON VALLE life + style blog

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