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  1. I’m doing the exact same thing! As much as I love makeup, it’s not in my priority list and I can’t justify buying any makeup products when I already have so much at home. I would rather save money than spend it! Such a great read x

  2. There is nothing wrong with skipping out on Black Friday shopping. I’ve skipped out for the most part. Major props to you for knowing your financial situation. A lot of people are not exactly aware and still buy things they probably shouldn’t. Thanks for sharing this!! Good job on moving forward for the house!!

    Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

  3. I am totally with you! There would have been a time I would be excited for the bargains, but they aren’t bargains if you are spending money you don’t have and can’t afford 🙂 I’m on a low buy year too. Hope yours went well! Best of luck with the house move!! Helen xx

  4. This was a smart move – and it honestly amazes me how Black Friday Sales have become so big in other parts of the world! Sadly, too many of the sales got me this year – but your reasoning for not shopping was solid. Did I reaaaaallllllly need new makeup? No! lol

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