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  1. same!! i need to visit a garden center and find a little xmas tree to take home with me!(:

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style – 2019 Advent Calendars Giveaway

  2. Loved reading your December to-do list! You’ve got so many fun things planned over the festive period. I definitely need to get into the festive spirit more haha xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  3. It’s so good to keep lists with your gift ideas, I do this every year and I was already finished with my christmas shopping before black friday xD
    I do this also to keep track of the budget. If I buy a few smaller gifts for someone, I try to add them up in the list while I’m collecting them so that I can say “stop” when I go over the budget for someone, and I can compare if everyone has more or less the same value for their gifts!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  4. This is EXACTLY how I’ve felt about baking this year. I’ve managed to redeem myself by baking gingerbread loaf and two batches of mince pies! 🙂

  5. Super festive to do list! Hope you enjoy your little vacay! I wanted to get some baking done this season too! There’s something about the winter vibes that make baking that much more appealing lol. I’m the same way, I like to get my shopping and wrapping done as soon as possible, plus I also like the look of a Christmas tree complete with presents underneath.

    Have a Merry Christmas!!

    Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com

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