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    • Thank you! It really is, it’s great for a refresh. Having a photo in it is such a good idea. I always hang on to sentimental items and try to find somewhere else to store them xx

  1. I oddly love decluttering my wardrobe as well, it feels so good to know that you only get to keep your favorite and most worn pieces. I am guilty of keeping clothes in hopes that I get a chance to wear them (some day lol), I try to work on this! xx


    • I’m glad it isn’t just me. I know exactly what you mean. I must admit that I do that too, some pieces can be so hard to let go of. I hope it works out for you xx

  2. I love decluttering my wardrobe and generally my room on a regular basis. Having said that, I find it so hard to get rid of some clothes. Like unless I absolutely hate it I always think “well, i might wear it soon”. I never do though! xo Sarah

  3. This post is actually so helpful! I’m going through a declutter right now, and I am a culprit for keeping things that don’t fit or haven’t worn in years… example: a pretty lazy oaf jumper which fit perfectly till I washed it and I struggle to get my head through the neck lmao

    • I’m glad you think so! I know what you mean, some things are so hard to let go of! Ah no way, as if it went in the wash, it must be awful that you didn’t get to wear it more xx

  4. This is my reminder to declutter my wardrobe before summer starts and get some stuff sold. I’m guilty of leaving things that are uncomfortable or look pretty in my wardrobe instead of getting rid. Thanks for sharing these tips x
    – katelyn | embark to explore

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