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  1. I want to try the velvet kits I can see why you bought them both its hard to pick! I’ve bought from Kylie Cosmetics a couple of times and the customs charge is soo bad!! I wish I’d got one of her highlighters xx polishedcouture.com

    • They seem to be really good, and I think she’s bringing some new colours out soon! They’re so hard to choose between! The customs is really bad, it’s so much money xx

  2. I’ve never tried anything from Kylie, but the lip products do look pretty nice. I’ve heard that the highlighters and blushes are tough to get pigment out of because of how tightly they’re pressed.

  3. Ahhh can’t believe how much that cost I am too tight!! I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything from Kylie Cosmetics, plus in my opinion the highlighters are shitty 🙁 xx

    Your photography on point as always!


    • It costs waaay too much, I practically cried when the customs card came! Don’t blame you in a way, it seems like people either love them or hate them. Yeah, I was extremely disappointed by how hard this one was to swatch. Thank you lovely xx

    • Ah that sounds awful, I hate it when lipstick is a pain to take off. Lasting power is good, but it should come off when you want it to! Definitely don’t want anything that’s going to leave your lips feeling dead either xx

    • Thank you! It would be so much better if she got her products stocked in a store over here, or do what Anastasia Beverly Hills does and have a UK website xx

  4. OMG I absolutely love these shades! I’ve never tried any Kylie Cosmetics as I fear that falling in love with them will make me bankrupt! Customs charges are a pain in the bum, but we just can’t resist can we?!

  5. These are such beautiful shades! I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, so I’ve never looked at the cosmetics. I’ve heard such mixed reviews about them too. Saying that, I do like the colours here. I think I’s still be put off by the customs and delivery charges though. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    • They really are! Yeah, some people seem to love them and others seem to love them. Customs and delivery is a little too crazy and I don’t think I’ll be buying anything again xx

  6. I only own one of the original Matte lip kits, but the velvet ones sound so appealing! Ginger is also a beautiful shade, so unique! I would definitely have tried out the highlighters, but I just think sadly the packaging puts me off a little just because I know how much customs and posting can be! xx


    • Some of her products look so good! Hope you get around to it! Yeah, I swear I heard some bad reviews that it’s streaky because of the dark colour; no problem! Thank you for reading!xx

  7. I’ve wanted to try Kylies products for the longest time now but the large fees have always put me off! Think I might have to make an order soon though. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  8. OUCH! That custom charge. That’s the main reason why I haven’t tried to purchase anything from the range. Saying that, the Kourt lip liner color looks amazing!
    Kate x

  9. The ginger lipliner is so lovely and a shade I will definitely be looking for in the high street. I love the sound of these lipsticks but I hate the Kardashians so I can’t really justify getting any of their products haha xxxx

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  10. How did the highlighters perform on the skin? I love the look of them but am worried they’re over hyped X

    Amy –

    • I’ve had a go of it, and it’s okay. It’s not blinding, but if you like subtle highlights then you should love it! I wouldn’t rush to buy more xx

  11. I didn’t want to like these products because Kylie Jenner pisses me off a little but these products look so nice haha. I love the lip colours! You have a lovely little blog here by the way, well done on all your hard work with it! x


  12. Hi

    How long did it take for you items to arrive from the day you purchased them? I ordered 2 weeks ago and they haven’t been shipped yet, is this normal?

    • Hiya! Mine took a while to come too, I can’t remember exactly how long, but it was a while. I’ve heard a lot of people who have ordered recently complaining about how long it’s taken. They must be struggling with all of the orders xx

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