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  1. The lightening drops are amazing, need to try them out! I’ve been struggling to match my foundation as well, haha! Great post! X

    • So glad it isn’t just me! It seems really difficult to find that ‘perfect’ shade! I’ll have to look into that,it sounds great especially for the price, thank you!xx

  2. Oh the amount of foundations I buy which is the wrong shade, so i need to try out these lightening drops!
    Nicole x

  3. Hoola is still one of my favourite contour powders. I’ve heard great things about the peach palette too.

    Amy –

    • Thank you! I love monthly favourites too, it’s so nice to see what everyone has been loving throughout the month! Have you not?! They offer so many incredible different scents that it can be hard to pick xx

  4. I really wish I’d picked up the Peach palette it is so pretty, I use the NYX whitening drops, they are a godsend for foundations that are a tad too dark, I’ll have to try the body shop ones too, great post lovely xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  5. I have never heard of the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops! It seems like such a great buy for me because I am always struggling with foundation shades. Great post ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  6. I’ve had my eyes on that Too Faced palette for ages now! It’s stunning and full of such pretty shades. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  7. I saw the foundation drops and they do look really cool, and they’re not overly expensive too. I’ve been loving my skincare more lately, as it’s just what my skin needs in this weather, so the superdrug serum and my Pixi glow tonic 🙂 x

    Velvet Blush

    • They’re super helpful if you have foundations that are the wrong shade! Everybody seems to love products from Pixi, the glow tonic sounds incredible xx

  8. Ooh I think I need those drops for my Kat Von D foundation that’s just a touch too dark! I know what you mean about their droppers though. I’ve got the Drops of Youth serum and that dropper is pretty terrible too.


    • Heard so many good things about their foundations! So glad it isn’t just me that thinks the droppers aren’t great; it really is pretty terrible!xx

  9. I have a few foundations which work really well for me but just a tiny bit too orange for my skin (can just about get away with them in the summer) but the body shop lightening drops are something that I want to try out soon. Also, the yankee candle sounds lovely! x


  10. I can’t live without the lightening drops now! I also use them for cut creases instead of a concealer as the formula is a bit thinner so it doesn’t feel as heavy on the eyes. 🙂 Really want to try benefit Hoola too! The lighter one sounds perfect. X

  11. The Body Shop lightening drops are so handy. I keep them in my makeup kit! Although I’m thinking of trying to find a pump bottle for them because they are a bit messy, you’re right!

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