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  1. It’s been so long since I went into lush, I miss it!! Never heard of a jelly bomb but I’d think they were quite slimy which I hate in a bath bomb/bath product. The colour is so pretty though xx

    • I hope you go back soon! They’re quite new, they don’t have many out right now. They have little bits of what feels slimy, but it’s nothing major and you can’t really feel it at all unless you mean to; if that makes sense. It really is xx

  2. Looks like a pretty bath bomb. I really want to try out some of the new Jelly products. Especially the jelly face masks! x


    • Aw, it’s a good present idea especially since they create so much in the water! It’s definitely something that seems to have a lot of hits and misses, but it does take a very long time to fully dissolve xx

    • They’re still quite new, as I think they’re only available online for now, as I looked in store and couldn’t find any! They have so many gorgeous bath bombs!xx

  3. This bath bomb is so pretty! I must look out for it when i’m next in lush, its been ages since i’ve tried a bath bomb, but you’re right its a little on the expensive side!

    • It’s definitely one that creates lots of pretty bath art! I am pretty sure they’re only online for the time being, as I couldn’t find them in store, but that may be because my local Lush is tiny haha! It’s definitely a little pricey!xx

  4. I’ve never tried the jelly bombs! But this one literally looks like the ocean in a bath tub, it’s beautiful! I haven’t used a lush bath bomb based product in what feels like ages. But then again, Christmas is just round the corner! Haha xxx

    Katie | katielouisejohnson.blogspot.co.uk

    • I think they’re still quite new, as they don’t have many out! It really does look like the ocean; it’s really pretty! Lush have the best Christmas stuff too!xx

  5. these are so intriguing, can’t believe they’re actually like jelly. love that it’s lavender though, i love anything lavender scented!
    jen, velvet spring x

    • It’s such an interesting concept and it’s so good that it does what it says! It is such a nice scent, to me it smelt a lot different when it had dissolved, but it was a good thing!xx

  6. I actually haven’t heard of the jelly bomb before, but then, I don’t often go to Lush anyway 😀 I really like the color but you said it takes time to dissolve, so I may not purchase this since I really have a short attention span.

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  7. I have not tried this particular lush bomb but I do love using the lush bombs. I agree, they are nice to have as a treat because they are expensive and so I like to buy them once in a while. This one sounds like it smells amazing =o)

  8. I haven’t had a bath bomb for almost a year! I do love lush though, the colours on this one are beautiful and the twilight-esque scent sounds perfect to me because that is my favourite bath bomb from lush.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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