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  1. OMG! This pallete is insanely pigmented. M. Thanks for the lovely review and awesome swatches..

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  2. Wow I love the swatches! I think you’re still getting a lot for your money even if it needs to be built up, I have eyeshadows from high end palettes that barely show up, Plus, I love the variety in this palette (the first four shades on the last set of swatches are amazing!) x

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    • That’s true! It’s great value for money and building the shades up isn’t a bad thing, as I find it’s easier to control how much product you use. It does have some really great shades! They really are, the last row is a personal favourite xx

  3. Sounds so good that you can control the colour, must be good if its all you used in August. I really like the colours in the pallet. Thank you for sharing. I think I’m going to look into purchasing this pallet especially with those shades.

  4. I’d actually be tempted towards the Crown palette over Naked Heat, purely because of a number of different shades you get! It’s a really great price too and the colours get me so excited for Autumn!

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  5. I love warm shades a lot and this palette has very beautiful shades, something that I would definitely buy. I agree that matte colours are sometimes harder to blend comparing to metallics. But nonetheless, all beautiful colours all put together in one awesome rose gold palette. Will definitely have it in my Christmas list. Sharon Elsie |diva-in-me.com

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