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Lipsticks I Have Been Wearing in Autumn

I have been thinking about a number of Autumn posts to do, but where better to start than Lipsticks? Everybody loves a good Autumnal lip right? You know the sort, deep dark berry colours. Now mine might not be that dark, but these are the colours I have been wearing day-to-day and I’m not brave enough to wear super dark colours just to nip to the shop yet.

Kat Von D | LolitaΒ 

This is the colour I have been wearing most often, and that’s mainly because I love the formula. This stays in place all day and only slightly fades when eating and drinking, but it’s nothing noticeable. It dries down matte, and it’s not uncomfortable either which is always a plus for day wear. Lolita is a warm plum, and I have been loving this colour lately it’s perfect for Autumn.

MAC | Whirl

Whirl seems like such a classic colour, as I hear a lot of people talking about it all of the time. (Mainly because of Kylie Jenner)Β  Whirl is described as a dirty rose, which is a perfect colour for those of us who don’t want to wear a full on brown, as this has just enough rosy tones for it to not be deep brown; it’s a perfect transition colour for the season. It’s a matte finish and you can get a matching lip liner which improves the lasting power, so it lasts throughout the day.

Crown Brush | Dusty Rose

I have done a full review on this, so I won’t go in to too much detail. This is a lip stain that is a really beautiful colour, it’s definitely one of the more wearable for those who aren’t too keen on their berries, as it’s a pinkish brown. This lasts really well, as it survives eating and drinking and is really comfortable on the lips.

NYX Professional Makeup | Budapest

Ever since I was kindly sent this from Debenhams, I have been loving it. It is definitely one of, if not the most Autumnal lipstick on this list. It is a really gorgeous deep red-purple berry colour. The soft matte lip creams are a really great formula, as they aren’t drying, but the lasting power isn’t the best. It’s still a really great go to colour for this time of year.

Urban Decay | 1993

Urban Decay lipsticks are quickly becoming my favourite and 1993 is a really beautiful colour. 1993 is a warm brown that I have been loving wearing. It is a comfort matte formula, so you still get a matte finish, but it’s not extremely drying. I have never had an occasion of wearing this all day, but from what I have experienced it doesn’t last too well after eating and drinking.

Top to Bottom: Lolita, Whirl, Dusty Rose, Budapest and 1993

So these are the lipsticks I have been wearing so far in Autumn! I thought I’d change it up and only show colours that I have been loving wearing so far; if that makes sense. I didn’t realise how similar they were until I swatched them all out like this, but apparently I have a type.

What lipsticks have you been loving?

Thank you for reading!






  1. 15th October 2017 / 5:00 pm

    Lolita is one of my all time favorites as well! 1993 is gorgeous I think I’ll go pick it up soon.

    • 15th October 2017 / 11:18 pm

      It is such a gorgeous colour! 1993 is definitely a new favourite xx

  2. Diana
    15th October 2017 / 6:16 pm

    Dusty rose is a beautiful shade! I’d definitely wear that in Autumn, I’m going to remember the name because I do need more lipstick. All so perfect for Autumn xx


    • 15th October 2017 / 11:19 pm

      It is a really stunning colour, and it’s perfect for this time of year! I hope you love it. Thank you, I’m glad you think so xx

    • 15th October 2017 / 11:20 pm

      It is such a gorgeous colour xx

  3. 15th October 2017 / 6:59 pm

    MAC whirl is one of my favourites! Xx

    • 15th October 2017 / 11:20 pm

      It is such a beautiful colour xx

    • 15th October 2017 / 11:21 pm

      It’s a really great one! The MAC palettes look really great, and nude shades are always great xx

  4. 15th October 2017 / 7:56 pm

    Amazing post as usual Han! xx I’m so jealous – basically every shade here is right up my street yet I haven’t thought to purchase any of them! xx This is for sure being bookmarked! xx Whirl is looking stunning, as is budapest – I love the matte lip creams! xx
    Marina xx

    • 15th October 2017 / 11:22 pm

      Thank you! Ah I hope you manage to treat yourself soon, I’m glad you like them! Whirl is a really great colour and it’s a popular one too! Budapest is pretty too, and the lip creams are so good xx

    • 15th October 2017 / 11:23 pm

      Thank you, I’m glad you think so! Lolita is such a gorgeous colour xx

  5. Amber Atlanta
    15th October 2017 / 8:58 pm

    Mac Whirl is gorgeous – I pretty much wear the lip liner every day, so maybe it’s about time to treat myself to the lipstick to match!x

    • 15th October 2017 / 11:23 pm

      It really is! The lip liner is great, it goes with so many lipsticks, and I hope you manage to get the lipstick!xx

  6. 16th October 2017 / 3:20 am

    These picks are gorgeous! I need to try Lolita i see it everywhere! Also you can’t go wrong with Whirl! Xox


    • 16th October 2017 / 3:06 pm

      Thank you! Lolita is a really gorgeous colour, I have been wearing it everywhere! Whirl is such a classic xx

    • 16th October 2017 / 3:07 pm

      Thank you, but Spring is such a good season though too!xx

    • 16th October 2017 / 3:07 pm

      Their lipsticks are quickly becoming my favourite, they have so many to pick from!xx

    • 16th October 2017 / 3:09 pm

      They are all really pretty! I hope you manage to find a colour you like xx

  7. 16th October 2017 / 11:08 am

    So many gorgeous shades! I love this time of year to mix up my makeup routine a little bit πŸ˜€ I like the look of 1993. I also love the photography in this post too πŸ˜€


    • 16th October 2017 / 3:09 pm

      Thank you! It’s such a great time to have a switch around. 1993 is such a gorgeous colour. Thank you so much xx

    • 16th October 2017 / 3:10 pm

      Velvet Teddy is such a beautiful colour too!xx

    • 16th October 2017 / 4:59 pm

      Thank you, I am glad you think so! The liquid lipsticks are so good though xx

  8. 16th October 2017 / 5:33 pm

    I need to pick up Lolita again, I finished mine at the beginning of Summer and I’ve always meant to repurchase it, it’s a good sign when you manage to use up a lipstick!

    Sara – Flemingo

    • 16th October 2017 / 5:50 pm

      It really is a good sign! It is such a beautiful colour, especially for this time of year xx

  9. Emma Drury
    16th October 2017 / 5:51 pm

    I love all these shades so much! I love a good Berry shade in the Autumn 😍
    Emma | emmadrury.com

    • 16th October 2017 / 9:32 pm

      Berry tones are always good for this time of the year!xx

    • 16th October 2017 / 9:36 pm

      Thank you, I’m glad you think so xx

  10. Bobbi
    16th October 2017 / 7:19 pm

    I’m very drawn to that Urban Decay shade. It’s perfect for the Fall/Winter! Great post!


    • 16th October 2017 / 9:36 pm

      It’s been such a favourite recently, it’s a really pretty colour xx

  11. Ankita Bardhan
    16th October 2017 / 7:40 pm

    I like the shade Whirl but it sometimes look dark on me. I guess I should give Dirty Rose a try since it’s lighter shade πŸ™‚

    • 16th October 2017 / 9:37 pm

      That’s true it can be quite dark! Dirty Rose is a really pretty colour xx

  12. 16th October 2017 / 7:55 pm

    I love this! Whirl looks like such a pretty colour, I may have to try it. I really love dark reds/browns at this time of year. Such a lovely read x

    • 16th October 2017 / 9:38 pm

      Whirl is such a classic, it’s a great colour. Dark reds and browns are always really great for this time of the year. Thank you, I am glad you think so!xx

  13. 16th October 2017 / 8:32 pm

    I have 1993 and absolutely love it! Their vice formula is so so nice I’m so impressed by it, I’ve wanted to get Budapest for ages now too but I find the lip creams so hard to put on with that applicator for some reason, I much prefer the lip lingeries! I really need to invest in Lolita too, I only have 2 KVD liquid lips so far and one doesn’t suit me at all!
    Alice Xx

    • 16th October 2017 / 9:42 pm

      It’s such a gorgeous colour isn’t it?! Urban Decay lipsticks are quickly becoming my favourite, they’re so good. The lip lingeries are really great, but Budapest is a really great colour. Lolita is a beautiful colour for sure xx

  14. 16th October 2017 / 8:53 pm

    They are all so pretty! Whirl looks like something I might be interested in the most. πŸ™‚

    • 16th October 2017 / 9:42 pm

      Whirl is a really beautiful colour xx

    • 17th October 2017 / 5:08 pm

      They are both really beautiful xx

  15. 16th October 2017 / 10:47 pm

    So many gorgeous shades, I want to try out Kat Von D lipsticks and also Urban Decay! I’ve seen a lot of people rave about them, and I think I might be missing out a little xx

    Taylor Jane ox | http://www.taylorjane.co.uk

    • 17th October 2017 / 5:10 pm

      Thank you! They are both really great! The Kat Von D formula is one of my favourite liquid lipsticks. Urban Decay lipsticks seem like such a good switch from the MAC ones xx

  16. 16th October 2017 / 11:02 pm

    I loved this post – you’ve put together a fab selection of lippies! Nyx’s matte lipsticks are my favourite – Rome is a perfect autumn colour xx

    • 17th October 2017 / 5:11 pm

      Thank you, I am glad you think so! Ah Rome looks like such a pretty one!xx

  17. 17th October 2017 / 1:42 am

    Great post! I really want to start wearing lipstick more often! Thank you for sharing this list! I really love these shades, especially Lolita! πŸ™‚

    • 17th October 2017 / 9:49 pm

      Thank you! There are so many colours to pick from, it can be hard to know where to start. No problem, thank you for reading, and Lolita is a really beautiful colour xx

  18. 17th October 2017 / 11:26 am

    Budapest & Whirl are two of my favourites, they’re both so gorgeous! xx

  19. 17th October 2017 / 12:09 pm

    I loooove the Urban Decay lipsticks from that range, they are so amazing! Really love the shades you picked out, definitely lovely especially for autumn. Thanks for sharing your fab picks, hun. <3


    • 17th October 2017 / 9:51 pm

      They really are, Urban Decay does fab lipsticks! Thank you, I’m glad you like them xx

    • 17th October 2017 / 9:51 pm

      It really is, it’s one of my all times faves xx

    • 17th October 2017 / 9:52 pm

      Lolita is a really gorgeous colour!xx

  20. 17th October 2017 / 6:38 pm

    These colour’s are so perfect for this time of year! I love Mac lipsticks but I keep seeing a lot about Nyx lipsticks they sound so great x

    S x

    • 17th October 2017 / 9:53 pm

      I’m glad you think so too! NYX have some really great lip products, there are so many great colours to pick from xx

    • 17th October 2017 / 9:55 pm

      It is such a beautiful colour. Ah that’s so good, thank you!xx

  21. Emma
    17th October 2017 / 10:09 pm

    Ah I didn’t even know urban decay had a lipstick range! I need to check them out. This one looks like a lovely shade! x

    • 19th October 2017 / 4:15 pm

      Did you not?! It’s an amazing range too xx

  22. 17th October 2017 / 11:24 pm

    Loving these picks here hun! Really perfect for this time of year, my favourite from this range is NYX one, that is definietly the one for me!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    • 19th October 2017 / 4:16 pm

      Thank you! The NYX one is a really pretty colour, so good for this time of year xx

    • 19th October 2017 / 4:17 pm

      Thank you! Lolita is a really gorgeous colour for sure. Waiting for Black Friday is a really good idea xx

  23. 18th October 2017 / 8:16 am

    Hah, you really do have a type! I love this shade of lipstick all year round. I can see why it got so trendy – it suits so many people and is really versatile.
    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

    • 19th October 2017 / 4:19 pm

      Apparently so haha, I didn’t even notice at first! It really does, it’s a great colour xx

  24. 18th October 2017 / 9:06 pm

    I need 1993! For some reason Lolita pulls very purple on me and it doesn’t look right and is a bit patchy. Mac whirl is one of my favourite shades!

    • 19th October 2017 / 4:20 pm

      1993 is a really great colour, I have been loving it! Oh no, that’s not good! Whirl is such a classic xx

  25. 19th October 2017 / 11:07 am

    These all look beautiful (autumn/winter lipstick shades are always my fav) but I think if I had to choose, Whirl would be my favourite!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • 19th October 2017 / 4:20 pm

      Thank you! Autumn/ Winter colours are all really pretty. Whirl is such a classic xx

  26. 19th October 2017 / 1:23 pm

    I love your picks! Unfortunately shades like these don’t suit my complexion at all, but I bet they look amazing on you! Lolita is such a cult-fave.

    Naya // http://www.partyparrotblog.com

    • 19th October 2017 / 4:21 pm

      Thank you! Oh no, that’s not good! Thank you, and Lolita is a really gorgeous colour xx

  27. Shiana
    19th October 2017 / 9:51 pm

    If you like Whirl, really recommend Twig by Mac, its perfection!

    Shiana xx | shianajarvis.com

    • 1st December 2017 / 3:26 pm

      I’ve been wanting to pick Twig up for the longest time!xx

  28. 20th October 2017 / 1:33 pm

    Budapest is one of my faves, I love it! I wore it the other day and forgot how much I do love it. Lolita is also a great shade and I find the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks to last such a long time, which is fab. All of the other lipsticks look lovely, I love all of the shades. I need to try MAC’s Whirl xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

    • 1st December 2017 / 3:28 pm

      Ah glad you love it too! The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are an amazing quality for sure. Whirl is such a classic, it’s a beautiful colour xx

  29. 20th October 2017 / 4:22 pm

    Those are so beautiful! Definitely colors I’d love to wear!!

  30. 7th November 2017 / 2:55 pm

    These shades look amazing for fall season! I like that Kat Von D, MAC, and NYX πŸ™‚

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  31. 27th November 2017 / 3:57 am

    Wow they are so pretty and definitely autumn-appropriate shades! This reminds me that MAC Whirl was my favorite until I lost it. Eh, I guess it’s time to get a new one then πŸ˜€ Great post, btw! <3

    • 1st December 2017 / 3:29 pm

      Glad you think so too! Ah I hope you manage to get another one, it’s always gutting when you lose a lipstick!xx

  32. 4th December 2017 / 3:19 pm

    I love NYX soft matte lippies but I usually go for more toned shades as they really don’t last that long. This berry colour is gorgeous though! πŸ™‚

    • 8th December 2017 / 5:50 pm

      That’s true, they aren’t the most long wearing, but the colour is so pretty!xx

  33. 11th December 2017 / 5:12 pm

    wow all of those lip colors are so gorgeous and right up my alley! I actually have a couple of these shades already in my collection. Excited to pull them out and use them thanks to you!


    • 12th December 2017 / 9:18 pm

      I’m so glad you like them too! That’s so exciting, it’s always good to rediscover old lipsticks xx

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