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  1. I have to check out the Pix tonice! I use the Mario Badescu rosewater mist, which is amazing–you should try that one, it’s hydrating and smells amazing. The botanical scrub is a great one but I only use it once a week not twice, since I have sensitive skin.

  2. Hello! I’m new to your blog 🙂

    I’ve *almost* been sucked in by the Pixi Glow Tonic hype. Not sure why I always fall short of actually purchasing the stuff. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never really been one for toner?

    I do love the Body Shop Vitamin E range though. The overnight mask is divine, and I use the moisturiser twice a day during the winter. It’s an instant pick me up.

    Anyway, very useful post, I look forward to reading more!

    x Sneha // lifewithsneha.com

    • Hi there, thank you for stopping by! It took me a while to finally give it a go too, but once you start you don’t look back haha!

      I’ve not tried the overnight mask, but it sounds so good! I’ll definitely have to look into it!

      I’m so glad you think so!xx

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post! I wanted to try one of the Mario Badescu sprays but I don’t feel like it would be doing much. I have the Sukin facial mist which I’m continuing to use until it’s finished but I don’t notice much with it!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume 

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