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  1. This is a problem with smaller palettes they never seem to do the right amount of shades especially matte shades. Personally spending £18 on a palette I would need to get shades from other palettes I would be annoyed with. Great post though & love your photos ✨

    • That’s true! It’s a shame, as smaller palettes are so easy to travel with. Yeah, it is annoying, for something to cost so much and needing to be paired with something else is not good. Thank you so much xx

  2. This palette looks so gorgeous! The shimmer shades are absolutely stunning! I wish there had been more transition shades but as you said, we can use a bronzer, so it’s not really an issue but considering the price, they could have at least added one or two. Overall, I love the palette and it’s so beautiful. I love the pictures, great review as always my lovely x


    • It is such a pretty palette! The shimmer shades are definitely the stars of the palette. Yeah it would be better if the palette had more mattes. I’m glad you like it! Thank you so much xx

  3. This palette looks so cute, loved the shades. I personally don’t mind cardboard packaging, I used to have Lancome eyeshadow palette in cardboard packaging and it was perfectly fine.

    Nina’s Style Blog

    • It’s definitely a cute palette! Yeah I don’t mind cardboard packaging either, but I’ve seen other people complain about it, so thought it was worth mentioning xx

  4. What a gorgeous palette, it has every color we need for everyday and evening makeup looks! Thank you so much for the swatches, they are super cute 🙂

    Lots of love ♥ January Girl

  5. The shimmer shades in this palette are gorgeous! I never understand why brands don’t include good matte transition shades in a palette. But that’s nice that they made more affordable eyeshadow palettes. I loved the review and the swatch photos!

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

    • The shimmer shades are definitely the best! Yeah it’s very weird. It’s great that it’s more affordable compared the the rest of the palettes. Thank you so much xx

  6. I’m such a makeup novice so don’t know much when it comes to eyeshadows but these shade are all so pretty! xx

    Em //

  7. Okay so I’m obsessed with your swatches – so beautiful and clean! I’m loving the warmth of this palette and, to be honest, for Violet Voss, the price isn’t bad at all and is pretty similar to a Nyx palette which I believe is considered to be drugstore to mid range so they did well there! Stunning, fab review! x
    Marina Rosie x

  8. It’s a cute pallette, it’s a shame you don’t love all the shades though and have to use another pallette with it. it’s great the shimmers are impressive though! 🙂

    Hoping your week is going well 🙂
    Away From The Blue

  9. I was actually thinking about trying these smaller palettes, so thank you for such an honest review! Personally speaking, I am not a huge fan of overly orange colours. I like to mix and match, but it is also nice to have everything you need in one place. Shimmers are very pretty though! xx


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