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  1. Kyra says

    Been wondering about whether I should buy this and I think I might just because of how pretty it is!
    -Kyra || lovekyra.000webhostapp.com

  2. Melissa Kacar says

    I was wondering how this bath bomb was since they announced it a few months ago! I love the idea of it being Ariana Grande inspired, but you’re right, it is quite expensive for just one bath bomb. The colors look really pretty though! Thanks for sharing your review! 🙂
    (as I was writing this comment, God is a Woman actually came on shuffle haha)


    • luxuryblush says

      It’s such a great idea isn’t it! Yeah, I think it being inspired by Ariana has put the price a little higher. It is a pretty bath bomb though. No problem, thank you for stopping by! Haha no way, what a coincidence xx

  3. New Lune says

    It looks really pretty! I love your pictures, they are so beautiful! I wish I could use bath bombs but unfortunately, I don’t have a bathtub in my bathroom. Great review x

  4. Lauren Victoria says

    I haven’t used a Lush bath bomb in such a long time! I can’t believe the price though. Crazy! The colours are so nice though and I love how luxurious my skin feels after using a bath bomb. So soft and smooth x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  5. Shelise says

    I LOVE the smell of these and the baths looks so dreamy and cosy its making me want to have a bubble bath! Can you believe I’ve never tried one? I usually use rose scented bubble bath but considering I’ve bought my friends some such as the soap and glory ones I should really try one myself lol

    • luxuryblush says

      They smell so good, don’t they?! Ah no way! If you want a bath bomb Lush do some floral smelling ones too. Ah Soap and Glory is great, the products always smell so good. I hope you love it, if you try it out xx

  6. Kara says

    That is really cool that Lush made a bath bomb inspired by her music video! It sounds like it smells amazing with the Jasmine, and the purple and white looks really pretty. The only thing that ever stops me from getting their bath bombs is the price. It’s expensive for just one bath, and I once tried to cut one in half and it just wouldn’t work. But I may treat myself to one soon. Thank you for the honest review!

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

    • luxuryblush says

      It’s a really good idea! It smells so good and the end colour is really pretty. Yeah, they’re getting a little ridiculous now, it’s too much money. They’re hard to cut aren’t they?! I don’t know how people do it. I hope you find one you love. No problem!xx

  7. Annie says

    I’m obsessed with the photos in this post! Lush bath bombs are the best. I love how you’ve captured this one! It looks and sounds lovely. I think it’s so cool that it’s inspired by Ariana Grande.

  8. Elizabeth Seal says

    Aw great review, I loved reading your thoughts on this, I’ve wanted to give it a try for so long! The little dipped design is so cute, it reminds me of a moon and I adore the concept 😀 agghhh you convinced me with the gorgeous photos, but I can’t quite justify the price yet, I’d love to try it one day xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    • luxuryblush says

      Thank you! It is a lovely bath bomb for sure and the dipped design is so cute. I’m glad you like the look of it, but yes it is a little too expensive. I hope you’re able to try it xx

  9. Liv says

    Hey Great blog post , I found the bath bomb when I tried it to be a little disappointing, not a fan of the smell and the price !! Great blog post xx

  10. Kiran says

    The colour of this bath bomb is divine, and I love that it contains cocoa butter too. I want a bath so bad right now, but I need to buy this bath bomb first. Great post Hannah, hope you are having a good start to your week xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  11. Marina Rosie says

    You’re right about this one being a bit expensive for a bath bomb – as we said before, Lush is getting rather pricey… I love the colour of the bath after popping it in though! The scents aren’t really my thing either (I’m more of a fruity, fresh person when it comes to perfumes, body sprays and just everything in general) but great review as usual darl! x
    Marina Rosie xx

    • luxuryblush says

      Yeah, it’s definitely on the expensive side, which is a shame! Yeah, it’s a pretty colour and great that it’s inspired by Ariana Grande. I get what you mean, this one may not be for you then. Thank you lovely xx

  12. franalibi says

    Goddess is one of my favourites at the moment! There’s now a perfume range too! I can tell you that the price is £5.95 as one of the ingredients (Oud oil) is really expensive to obtain and costs more in weight that gold does! Lush are not marketing it as a correlation to Ariana Grande – hence the name change to Goddess! I loved your review and I hope this helps xx


    • luxuryblush says

      It’s so beautiful isn’t it?! Glad you’re liking it. Oooh that’s good news. That is very interesting thank you for letting me know. Thank you for letting me know xx

  13. Casey says

    Hiya Hannah,
    I love reading these posts, and I adore your honesty about this one! I didn’t know this was linked to Ariana but now that I think about it, it’s so fitting to her and her brand! Your blog is absolutely so beautiful and you should be so proud of it lovely!
    All my love,
    Casey x

    • luxuryblush says

      Hiya! I am so glad you like reading them! From what I’ve been told they’re not marketing it as that, but a lot of people have seen similarities. Thank you so much xx

  14. sejal says

    Great post! I’m not that much of a fan of bath bombs, but this one looks so pretty. I think in dollars, it’s about $6.50 which is pretty expensive for a bath bomb haha. But I’m glad you liked it, thanks for sharing!

  15. Rosie (@greenrosielife) says

    Gosh that does sound a lot of money for one bath bomb but then I have no idea how much they generally cost as I only have a shower! Maybe it would make a nice gift for someone who enjoys them and Ariana Grande.

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