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  1. The TooFaced Foundation is a godsend! I’m on my 2nd bottle right now! The main problem is that it’s too light on me so I mix it with my mom’s shade so they both match perfectly.

    with love,
    Hey Bash

  2. Love reading others favourites list! It looks like you really liked the wet and wild highlighter, I hate hitting pan, I always want a new one when that happens Haha, will have to give it a try. Your brothers wedding also sounds like it was brilliant and the photos look great, the bride looks stunning and you really suit that dress colour! I am with you on decluttering and using what I have, this year I am all about reducing waste, I’m doing clean outs and then using everything until it is officially done.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  3. I am so obsessed with the CP shadows. I love them all – super shock pressed, and original, they’re just amazing for the price and I could totally just use CP shadows for the rest of my life and be happy haha xx


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