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May Favourites 2015

All I seem to write about are favourites, but it is that time where a monthly favourites post is okay, and I can get away with it. 

Most of these products are things that I have had for a while and have just recently started using, which I am kicking myself for not using earlier. I also have a 2017 May Favourites!

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette 

This is something that I am so excited to be writing about!
I have wanted it for so long, and in May, I managed to get my hands on it. This is something that I have wanted for a really long time and it was really rewarding to get it after saving for so long. It is worth it, as the shades apply really well and I love all of the shades. It also comes with a set of sample eye primers, which I think is such a good idea! I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m sure they will be amazing.

Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer Gradual Tan for Normal to Dark Skin

Self tan is something that I haven’t done before. When I wanted to get into I decided that a gradual tanner may be a good place to start. I bought the light to normal skin from the same range, but it did nothing, now I know it is a gradual tan, so you have to apply everyday for however long until you start to go a different colour, but that was effort.
After complaining about that my cousin gave me this one, saying that she doesn’t use it, but she thought that it’d be good for me. I never really used it much at the time, but I went town last week and didn’t want to look like a walking milk bottle, so I got this out and applied it a week before to test the results. It worked, it really worked. I did go a little patchy, but I’m putting that down to my lack of application skills.

Soft and Gentle 48 Hour Protection Deodorant Lotus and Watermelon


Deodorant is not something that I tend to branch out off, as I always used to use Sure and stick to that. When I saw this brand I decided to give it a try because it was a bit cheaper and the scents sounded like they would smell nice, so I gave it a try. This is just everything that a deodorant should be no white marks, a nice smell and the last benefit is the packaging, as it is clean and looks pretty.


So I’m pretty sure that I’ve included candles before, but throughout May I had a candle burning practically everyday! My favourite candle is Season of Peace from the Christmas range by Yankee Candle, now I’m no expert with scents, but I think I have described in my first favourites post (or at least tried to).


I thought I’d include this as I have worn it to death. I got it from New Look in a pack of three, but this is the one that I have been wearing everyday. There’s not much to say about it other than it is on a small silver chain, and it has a small silver flower as the charm. When I say I wore this to death, I aren’t kidding; I wore it that much it made my neck turn green.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Blood Orange

This is something that I have had for a while, but hadn’t worn for a while, but when I wanted a classic red, I went to this one, as it is basically a pure red with high shine. It is just a gorgeous classic colour, and of course the polish from this collection has such a good formula; it is just an overall win,

So that is what I was loving throughout May, and yes I know that this is late, but better late than never aye?

Thank you for reading!


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  1. 16th June 2015 / 4:59 pm

    I love the Naked 1 palette but buying it has just made me want the others! Not sure how I feel about the new smoky palette yet x

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