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Lush Oxford Street Haul!

I have been wanting to go to the Lush on Oxford Street as soon, as I heard about it. Since I live a distance away from London it isn’t the easiest trip to make, but I finally managed to go!
With three floors of bath bombs, makeup, face masks, shower gels and just everything Lush, there is nothing not to love. I went in with the intention to buy a few of the exclusive products, but now that a lot of the products aren’t exclusive any more that hasn’t quite happened.
I didn’t actually take any photos in the store, as I got quite carried away with just looking at everything and my fingers soon got covered in lots of different colours and glitter from the products, and I didn’t want to get that all over my phone.
I found the middle floor a little daunting as there was so much happening and so many people, so I didn’t actually spend much time on that floor in particular.
This is my Lush Oxford Street Haul!

Pink Flamingo

The first thing that I decided to get was the Pink Flamingo, I wasn’t going to get this as I thought £5.95 is a bit expensive for a bubble bar, but I gave in and got it anyway, as it will last for a number of baths, so it should be worth the money. I mean who can resist a bubble bar shaped like a flamingo?

 Bath Bombs

Yoga Bomb

The first is yoga bomb, which smells incredible! The scent of this is Sandalwood and Ho Wood oil, but it also contains Oilbanum. I’m excited to use this, as I’m guessing that it has layers to it, as I’ve learnt to never judge a bath bomb by its appearance. I have a full review on this, if you’d like to see it in the water.


 I have wanted to try this as soon as I saw pictures of it on Instagram. From what I can gather this looks gorgeous in the water, turning it a deep shade of blue.  The scent of this is completely different, as this one has a mint scent to it. I’m not a fan of the smell of mint, but I actually quite like this, as it mixes well with the grapefruit. I also have a full review on this, if you’d like to see more about it.

I then made my way down to the spa level of the store, which to my surprise was empty.  After being down there for a little while it did start to fill up a little.

Tender is the Night

This one isn’t exclusive, but I’ve never thought about buying one from my local Lush. I have no idea why, I just don’t tend to look at massage bars. Tender is the Night smells like pure cocoa butter, which I love.

Beautiful Shower Gel

The last place I went to, was to the shower gels. I had the intention to pick the comforter up, but I ended up getting this one instead. I did happen to give Beautiful a smell and I loved it. In the end I went for a little bottle, as it’s quite expensive for a shower gel. This cost around £5. My mum made friends with another woman complaining about the prices. (Apparently a bottle of Radox for £1 is much better) Beautiful smells… beautiful and it looks it! With the glitter, and the scent of peaches and apricot; what is there not to like?
I have a review about this one, if you’d like to see more of it.
That is everything I got from Lush.  I’m happy with what I got. The only problem is the store is so far away from where I live!
Do you have any favourite Lush products?
Thank you for reading!


  1. 18th August 2015 / 10:50 am

    It is amazing! You definitely should it smells amazing! x

  2. 18th August 2015 / 10:51 am

    I'm not surprised, who doesn't want a Flamingo on a stick? x

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