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Candle Care Tips

As somebody who has way too many candles, I thought it would be good to share some candle care tips, as there are some that I wish I knew before I burnt my candles. I do love candles, as shown in my September Favourites.

Don’t Leave Them Burning

I was always taught that if you are leaving room for more than a couple of minutes then put the candle out for safety reasons, but when you have a brand new candle it is supposed to burn for a good two hours or until the wax has melted evenly on the top, before it is extinguished. This stops the candle from tunnelling, which means the candle lasts longer. (It is still important to not leave the candle unattended)

A Wick Trimmer

You can invest in a handy little tool called a wick trimmer, this is used to cut the wick of the candle as this should be done on all candles. If the candle is new then the wick needs to be as close to 1cm as possible, I’m not suggesting that you get the ruler out to try to get the exact measurement. This just prevents soot forming within the candle.

You are also supposed to cut the tip of the wick once it has finished burning and has cooled down, this prevents smoking on the next burn, as well as stopping the glass of the candle jar burning.

Fire Safety

If you own candles it also very important that fire safety in your mind at all times whilst the candle is burning. As you don’t want to be putting the candle near any loose or hanging materials such as curtains or bed sheets.

Keep Away from Drafts

Candles should also be kept away from any drafts. Whilst we’re talking about fire safety. It is also very important that you don’t try to move the candle whilst it is lit. Especially if the jar is glass as it retains heat and it will burn your hand.

Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets

It also important that candles aren’t left in the reach of children or pets. As it could easily break, and I’m sure no one wants a broken candle to deal with. It could also harm them.

Stop The Soot

If you notice soot coming from the candle then it is a good idea to put the candle out. Then wait for it to cool and the wipe the jar with a clean damp cloth. This will stop the glass from showing signs of burning. This is where the wick trimmer that was mentioned earlier will come in handy. The tip of the wick will have to be cut to stop the soot from forming.

Keep Away From Low Shelves

As someone who has numerous shelves and candles on the shelves, it is important to not let the candle burn. Especially if the space between the candle and the shelf above it isn’t that high. As the shelf will get hot and you could end up burning it. Which is not a good look.

Don’t Leave in The Window

If the candle is scented, then leaving it in direct sunlight is not a good idea. It will alter the scent, and may spoilt it too! Candles should be kept in a cool dry place when they are not being burnt.

What’s your favourite candle scent?
Thank you for reading!


  1. 4th November 2015 / 5:09 pm

    I didn't even know a wick trimmer existed before reading this post, I've learnt so much so thank you!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. 5th November 2015 / 4:33 am

    WOAH, I did NOT know A LOT of these facts! Thanks for the tips 😀

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  3. 7th November 2015 / 10:44 am

    Thank you! I'm not surprised candles are great haha!xx

  4. 7th November 2015 / 10:45 am

    You learn something new everyday haha! I'm glad, and it's no problem! xx

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