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  1. I went to Boots the other day and swatched some of the shades, they really are so pigmented. I didn't pick any up which I kind of regret now though because the highlight shades were gorgeous! Lovely post☺ Leonie x

  2. I accidentally brought one of this palettes online before I had heard about them, thinking i could put my MUG pans in the haha. I recently picked rane though, I love the shade! I defo be referring back to this post, they all seem like 'my kinda' shades xx

    LPage Beauty

  3. Oh no, I guess that's easily done though, as they don't specify that they're specially for their own products! Aw thank you! They have so much choice and all of the shades are gorgeous!xx

  4. I saw this brand in Boots recently but didn’t pick anything up as I hadn’t read any reviews on it or heard much about it. Going to have to do some swatching in store now because these look lovely!

    • Not many people seem to talk about it anymore, but they are lovely! So affordable too! Definitely say give them a swatch first, as some are a lot better than others!xx

  5. These look lovely! You’ve picked some fantastic shades for both palettes. I love the concept of these palettes. I have Bobbi Brown’s version, but they are expensive. I hoped that there would be a Makeup Obsession stand in the big boots in Birmingham. Unfortunately there isn’t, which is a real shame. I like to swatch products before buying. As I’m often not impressed with high street eyeshadows, I’ll be skipping these. I may pick up a blusher to see what the quality is like. If I’m impressed (which I have been with TAM Beauty’s other blushers) I may order an eyeshadow. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    • Some of their stuff is stunning! Thank you! It’s weird that a big store like that wouldn’t have it. I don’t blame you for wanting to swatch first, as it makes sure you don’t get any dud shades, which is way too easy when you can’t test them first. The blushes look lovely for sure! I’ve been so impressed with the lightest contour shade, I’ve practically used it all up. Some of the things are definitely better than others! I hope you get on well with the blush xx

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