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    Blogmas Day 19: Shoot For The Stars 2016 Lush Bath Bomb Review

    Blogmas Day 19: Shoot For The Stars 2016 Lush Bath Bomb Review. I don’t think my titles could get any longer if I tried.
    Shoot For The Stars is back for 2016 and has had a little revamp from its previous years. Which I was a little wary about, but this one is just as good, if not better.
    If you like Intergalactic then you will like this one, as I find them to be quite similar apart from the moisturising qualities this one has. The scents are also very different as this one shares its scent with Honey I Washed The Kids which is very different from the minty scent of Intergalactic.
    Shoot For The Stars is a sweet-smelling bath bomb as it is packed full of Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil. This does contain Honey, but it is not very strong, as the Orange comes through quite strong. It is quite a complex smell, as there is so much to it.
    As soon as this bomb is placed in the water; vivid shades of blue erupt and colour the water immediately. The stars also leave a trail of gold behind which turns the water a gorgeous colour. The stars are also bath melts, which are really moisturising. This of course means a greasy bath, so if you’re wanting to wash your hair, you may want to remove some of the stars when they separate from the bomb.
    This bomb is perfect for those with dry skin, because of the moisturising aspects it has. Like I mentioned before it is a little greasy, so that is something worth noting.

    End Result

    As you can see the end result is beautiful. You get a blue bath with streams of gold glitter. It is a little messy, so if you don’t want to clean the bath afterwards, then this might not be the one for you.
    That was my Blogmas Day 19: Shoot For The Stars 2016 Lush Bath Bomb Review.
    Have you tried this bath bomb?
    Thank you for reading!
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