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  1. I haven’t tried any of these makeup products but I read great reviews about them, especially the Maybelline mascara!


  2. I’ve tried all of the ones you mentioned here! I’ve bought tons of all nighter spray! I finished my first makeup revolution concealer cause I bought the smaller size, and this time around I bought the larger size and it’s lasting much longer. I bought on too faced foundation, and while I loved it, I wanted to see if I could find something that was a little bit more hydrating without it still having a good amount of coverage! I’m really loving the tarte foundcealer right now! Great post hannah xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

  3. It is great when you found the right makeup that works with your skin so you have a go-to when you run out! I haven’t used these products before but heard great things in the past. Thanks for sharing your repurchases!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  4. I swear by the All Nighter Setting Spray too – whenever I use it, my makeup doesn’t budge for HOURS! It quickly became a staple in my makeup bag and I can’t imagine getting ready for a long day or a night out without it. When it comes to the Too Faced primer and foundation, I’ve never tried them but after seeing numerous great reviews, I’m determined to purchase both once I’ve run out of the products I currently own. As for my most repurchased makeup, I think it would be the True Match foundation and Lasting Perfection concealer – I’ve gone through so many I’ve lost count!

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  5. The born this way foundation and all nighter setting spray are my holy grails! Love all of these products and cannot recommend them enough! Xx

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