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  1. nortoncharity says

    These are such great goals for 2020. I have the same one about losing weight. I need to eat healthier in the new year for sure!

  2. Molly @ Transatlantic Notes says

    I didn’t really have any goals for 2020 as some pretty difficult personal stuff has been going on the whole year but I am looking to making some for 2021. I have to think about them a bit more but I hope they will be useful, etc. I think you have done really well with your goals this year, congrats!

  3. Natasha Evans says

    I never remember to keep track of any goals I set so I always forget if I’ve made any progress. I’ve definitely been shopping my stash more this year and I’ve managed to use up quite a few products which I’m pleased about!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  4. Lisa's Notebook says

    Congrats on smashing your goals – it’s been quite the year so you’ve done brilliantly. I don’t set goals any more because I get too downhearted when I don’t meet them but I love hearing about other people’s successes 🙂

  5. alimackin2013 says

    I know sticking to goals can be hard during a pandemic. But more time at home so more time to cook lol! And that is good to get away from drinks like coke and pepsi I NEVER drink this, it is very bad for you.

    Allie of

  6. tanjakofol says

    I love how your goals were such that still completely obtainable despite the pandemic. I didn’t set any goals for my self, but my hopes to travel more and find more steady job in either hospitality or media got kinda push back by the whole situation.


  7. Merry says

    Oh I want to learn how to cook >< have been planning to do it for so long! I definitely have to add this as my goal for next year. Thank you for sharing x

  8. The Newbury Girl says

    You did a great job working towards your goals this past year! Hitting pan is a major accomplishment – next year I want to shop my stash more and do a better job using up more of my collection, too!

  9. juliaspeaks says

    I always love reading posts like these! It reminds me (and also thinking at my personal goals for 2020) that it’s okay when things don’t turn out exactly as we planned them so long ago. With the lockdown we must have all improved our cooking skills haha!

    Julia x
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  10. Alice in Sheffield says

    It’s always good to reflect on goals!
    I think you’ve made great progress considering we didn’t know what the year would hold when you made these goals
    Here’s hoping 2021 has something better on the horizon

    Alice |

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