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  1. NatGutmor says

    Such beautiful shades! I barely wore makeup this year, but I am planning to change that, if even just for zoom, on 2021. I already ordered some brushes and am quite excited about playing again 🙂


  2. sunkissedlexblog says

    I absolutely love the Going Coconuts pallette as well! I will also definitely be trying the Bali Body! My self tanner has been turning me a little too orange lately and I’ve been looking for a new one. Thank you for sharing these!

  3. The Makeup Aficionado says

    Colour pop may launch far too many products but their eye shadows have seriously raised the bar for me when it comes to what I expect from affordable eye shadows! x

  4. A Woman's Confidence says

    I also love the Fenty Beauty Cream Blush and Gloss Bomb – they’re both amazing formulas. That Jolie Beauty highlighter sounds amazing. That shade is ideal for me so I’ll definitely be checking it out. Thanks for sharing your faves xxx

    • luxuryblush says

      They’re so good aren’t they?! Fenty have some amazing products. It’s a really beautiful highlighter, and I hope you love it too. It’s no problem, thank you for stopping by xx

  5. Ashlee Stuart says

    Loving all of your favorites! I have tried very little Colourpop, but I for sure want to try more this year. Also, that CT lipstick is TO DIE FOR, I am going to have to have it!

    Ashlee |

  6. Lucyy Writes says

    So many products are on my to try list or at least the brand is, i toyed with getting a switch this year but worry it’ll be a phase and then wasted!
    Happy New Year. Lucy x

  7. Melina Elisa says

    I remember when you used to not wear blush at all, so it’s crazy to see one in your favorites for 2020! It’s so funny that you’ve been using your too faced palette so much this year. I’ve been using my chocolate palette and semi-sweet chocolate palette a lot this year! Like you said, it’s pigmented enough, without it being difficult to use. I honestly still feel like they’re one of my favorite palettes I’ve ever bought. I wasn’t using it that much before 2020 (with all the things I was buying), but this year I shopped my stash a lot. I’ve managed to hit pan in about 3 shades this year! Great post han xxx

    Melina |

  8. CristinaR says

    I am very bad at putting eyeshadows, but I love the colours of the Colour Pop palette. Fenty Gloss Bomb are my absolute favourite from Fenty beauty! Getting a Nintendo Switch was the best buy couple of years ago and when finally Animal Crossing released, it saved a lot of days during lockdown! Congratulations on becoming an auntie and on the house, hope this year will bring you even more good news x

  9. Lottie says

    So many gorgeous products 😍 love the shades of the colourpop palette. I’ve got a Fenty cream Blush and gloss bomb for Christmas so excited to try those out. One of my 2020 favourites is the Fenty cream bronzer, it’s amazing. Congratulations on the house offer and becoming an Auntie. Lottie x

  10. Francesca says

    I used to wear the peach palette every single day when going up and down to London for work! I love the palette so happy you did too!

    Congrats on the house offer and becoming an auntie!


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