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  1. This looks and sounds so good, my skin could definitely benefit from this at the minute. Not sure if I like the price tho, if it was a little less expensive, I’d be buying it right now! xx

    Lisa | Soho Stripes

    • The price is so off putting, I guess you just have to look at it in the long run of how much you’ll be saving from not having to keep paying to have it done. Thank you for reading!xx

  2. This sounds incredible! I suffer so badly with uneven skin tone and surface and often wonder whether microdermabrasion would help my skin and the fact you can do this at home is even better! I’d definitely love to invest in one of these if I ever have the money to, looks like a fabulous product!
    Alice Xx

  3. Ooh this sounds like a different kind of beauty device, another product added onto my wishlist haha!

  4. Thanks for this. I have been thinking about getting myself something like this for a while. How often do you personally find yourself using it? I’m not sure I’d use it often enough to make it worth the price, but my skin has been so bad the last few weeks, that I really think I need to invest in something like this.

    • No problem, thank you for reading! I use mine every two weeks, as you’re supposed to give you skin about a week to recover, but I give it an extra week sometimes. It is definitely a lot of money xx

  5. I have been sent a PMD too and I used it for the first time on the weekend and can already see a difference in my skin, it feels a lot smoother and looks brighter. I can’t wait to use it for a further 3 weeks (as I’ve been told to do) and see the results. Glad to hear it’s working well for you too! x


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