Nail Polish Declutter

Nail polish was my thing back in the day. Every Sunday I’d paint my nails a different colour ready for the week. Now I’m lucky to remember to even paint them at all. I wouldn’t say my love for painting my nails died, it just became less of a priority. In fact it must be at least three or four years, since I’ve bought any. All of these are old and that’s a main factor in why some are going.

In this post I’m going to declutter my collection. The inspiration behind doing a post from this comes from Charlotte, as I love her blog and really enjoyed reading her post decluttering her collection. This post also means my 2019 goals are off to a great start.

This is probably my longest intro ever, so let’s get started. I’m going to split this into two categories: Keeping and Decluttered. Then I’ll be categorising by brand, as that’s how I’ve sorted them out.



Left to Right: Bahama Mama, Cute as a Button and Fifth Avenue

Do you know what I like about Essie? The fact they have the name labeled on the top in the colour of the polish. Yes I’m easily pleased.

Bahama Mama – This was one of my first ever Essie products, and is fab for Autumn/ Winter. It’s a deep purple/ berry colour.

Cute as a Button – This colour is fab for Summer, as it’s a pink/ coral.

Fifth Avenue – This is a true red which I love!


Left to Right: Ring a Ring O’ Roses and Oragina

Ring A Ring O’ Roses – I love this colour and want more wear out of it.

Oragina I’m not sure on the name either. This from Rita Ora’s collection a few summers ago and it is the prettiest peachy coral.

Roxanne Campbell

Left to Right: Sitting Pretty and Violets are Blue.

I got sent these in 2017, and it was a fab introduction to the brand. If you want a little more detail I have a full post on them.

Sitting Pretty – This one is a vibrant hot pink. That is more of a summer colour for me.

Violets are Blue – A vibrant blue shade, which is a surprising favourite of mine. As I’m not too keen on blues.


Left to Right: Princesses Rule!, Pinky Glitter and Barrier Reef.

As I only have one colour from each of these brands, I’m putting them in this category.

OPI | Princesses Rule! – This one is a beautiful shimmery baby pink. An extremely girly colour.

Sinful Colors | Pinky Glitter – I remember seeing this all over Tumblr back in the day. Part of me can’t believe I still have this, but I don’t want to part just yet.

Models Own | Barrier Reef – This is from the 2016 for tans collection. It’s a vibrant baby pink.

Barry M

Left to Right: Matt White, Ballerina, Kiss Me Quick and In a Heartbeat

I’ve saved the longest until last.

Matt White – Whenever I get acrylics I always end up getting white. Which means this can stay for now.

Ballerina – I love the look of this colour, it’s a deeper pink than what I’m used to.

Speedy Quick Dry | Kiss Me Quick – I find it hard to part with baby pinks, and I love the speedy formula.

Speedy Quick Dry | In a Heartbeat – How did I have no idea Barry M doesn’t do this range anymore? The name on the bottle has worn off, but I’m pretty sure this is what it’s called. It’s a really pretty pale peach.

Barry M | Gelly

Left to Right: Blood Orange, Chilli, Rose Hip, Acai Smoothie, Pink Lemonade and Lychee

Blood Orange – I was undecided on this, but as it was the only deep red shade I decided to keep it.

Chilli – This is another one I was undecided on, but decided to keep as the colour seems so unusual. It’s one that will be perfect for Autumn.

Rose Hip – This one was an all time favourite for a while.

Acai Smoothie – I’m not too sure how I feel about purple, but I’ve decided to try it out before giving it away.

Pink Lemonade – This one is a super pale pink, that I’m looking forward to trying again.

Lychee – I’m not too sure how I feel about nude nails, but I’m willing to give it a go.



Left to Right: Ballet Slippers, Muchi, Muchi, Coming Together, A Cut Above and Sugar Daddy

This is probably the most shocking for me, as I love these colours. They just don’t work for me.

Ballet Slippers – I’m pretty sure this was a raved about shade a while back, but it’s too sheer. It takes too much work.

Muchi, Muchi – I’m unsure if it’s just because it’s old, but this is pretty much water. Which means it’s no good, so it can go.

Coming Together – This is another very watery one and it’s very sheer.

A Cut Above – I love pink glitter, but after giving this another use. I’m not too keen on it.

Sugar Daddy – This colour is too sheer for me, and I don’t have the patience to make it work.

Nails Inc

Left to Right: Rainbow Wishes and Dream Dust.

Rainbow Wishes – This iridescent purple just doesn’t suit me.

Dream Dust – I’m not a fan of this kind of colour.

Models Own

Left to Right: Island Hop and Silver Fox.

Island Hop – This is to neon for me.

Silver Fox – I remember using this back when I was high school, and considering I left in 2013 it’s been a while. It’s just always one I struggled with, so I’ve decided to part.

Tanya Burr

Left to Right: Peaches & Cream, Mini Marshmallows and Pick ‘n’ Mix.

Whatever happened to Tanya Burr, everyone was talking about her makeup line a few years back and now she’s nowhere to be seen.

Peaches & Cream – This one is a nude with a slight pink to it

Mini Marshmallows – This one came out extremely sheer, and too much work for me.

Pick ‘n’ Mix – I needed to part with some bubble gum pinks, so this one can go.


Left to Right: Peach and Cream and Fantastical.

I miss Topshop’s old packaging, at least it was different and quirky.

Peach and Cream – I like this colour, but it seems similar to ones I’m keeping.

Fantastical – There are only so many glittery pinks I can have.


Left to Right: Shrimply Divine, Ethereal and Red.

Sally Hansen | Shrimply Divine – This one looks similar to Cute as a Button from Essie, so this ones got to go.

Rimmel | Ethereal – I’m just not a fan of the finish.

Maybelline | Red – This isn’t a striking red like I thought it would be, and I can’t see myself wearing it.

Barry M

Left to Right: Black, Red Wine, Strawberry Ice Cream, Speed Demon and Limited Edition.

Again, saving the biggest for last.

Black – I don’t think Black nails are my thing.

Red Wine – I do really like this colour, but I found it a little streaky at first.

Strawberry Ice Cream – A really cute pale pink, it’s just too pale and sheer.

Speedy Quick Dry | Speed Demon – This is a pale pink with shimmer and I have enough of those.

Superdrug Limited Edition – I just hate the way this thing looks.


Left to Right: Blackberry, Plum, Blue Grape, Pomegranate, Prickly Pear, Sky Blue, Papaya, Coconut, Huckleberry and Dragon Fruit.

Blackberry – This is a deep blue, that is really pretty. It’s just not something I’d wear.

Plum – I very nearly kept this, but I doubt I’ll wear it.

Blue Grape – I remember buying this after seeing Zoella talk about it, but it’s not my kind of colour anymore. It’s a vibrant cobalt blue.

Pomegranate – This is a dark magenta, and there’s not much else to say other than I don’t like the colour.

Prickly Pear – I love lilac, I just don’t think it’ll look nice on my nails.

Sky Blue – This is a pretty baby blue, but I don’t think it suits me.

Papaya – This is a vibrant orange which I doubt I’d get much wear out of.

Coconut – I have a white already and this seemed a little harder to work with.

Huckleberry – Another pale blue that I’m not keen on.

Dragon Fruit – This is a barbie pink and I already have too many of those.

That is everything! Whew, that was a long one.

I’m keeping 21 and 32 are being decluttered. Which is definitely a lot better!

Do you like nail polish?

Thank you for reading!

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43 responses to “Nail Polish Declutter”

  1. Siobhán says:

    I halved my collection last year but still have too many and a lot that are almost finished so you’ve inspired me to declutter it again this week! xx

  2. Zorica says:

    So many amazing colors.
    Love colorful nails.

  3. Melissa Kacar says:

    I have way too many nail polishes, this is definitely inspiring me to do a declutter of my own haha. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Tiffany says:

    I really need to have a good declutter of my nail polishes too! I’ve got so many it’s actually ridiculous and I probably use about a handful of them at the moment. I love Essie, definitely one of my fave nail brands, the colours are always so pretty on xx

    Tiffany x

  5. Nina says:

    What an amazing nail polish collection. So many gorgeous shades. I love Essi nail polishes.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  6. Gemma Etc. says:

    I love a good beauty declutter! I always like to check my polishes every other month to ensure none have become too separated. The Nails Inc and Barry M Polishes are some of my favourites xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  7. wow, so many pretty colors! Declutter feels so good when you’re done.

  8. Yiota says:

    You have quite a collection of nail polishes!!! I throw them away when they go bad, and they usually do that after a year of purchasing them. Need to pick some new spring shades soon!!


    • luxuryblush says:

      Thank you, it’s definitely a lot smaller now haha! Surprisingly most of mine are quite a few years old now and still work really well! I hope you’re able to find some colours you like xx

  9. Charlotte says:

    I’m so glad you’ve decluttered loads of polishes hun!! Oh my gosh I remember those Tanya Burr polishes! You did amazing!
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

  10. Sophie says:

    Oh, I just love a good declutter! I did nail polish declutter on my blog a little while back and it was just so satisfying to finally do. I really enjoyed reading your nail polish declutter post, super refreshing!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume 

  11. New Lune says:

    Wow I love your collection! Last year, I pretty much decluttered all my nail polishes. I had so many because I was doing nail art back in the day and I couldn’t keep all of them with the little space I had. I’m so shocked with the Essie nail polishes you’re decluttering, those colours are so beautiful. Some colours can look so beautiful inside the bottle but they turn out completely different after painting on our nails. This was such an interesting post, thanks for sharing! xx

    New Lune |

    • luxuryblush says:

      Thank you! Ah I remember nail art being big back in the day. I know, it’s weird because they’re my favourite colours to wear, they’re all just so watery and take too many layers to build up. That ballet slippers took about five coats! Thank you, I’m glad you think so and thank you for stopping by!xx

  12. Gemma says:

    Such a fun post! You have such pretty colours here.

    Gemma x

  13. Paula says:

    I love decluttering beauty products but I have to say I have forgotten about my nail polishes! You had quite the collection there haha but some lovely colours! I also love the furry background that you used for your photos 🙂 xx

    • luxuryblush says:

      It’s so satisfying isn’t it?! They’re so easy to overlook. I know, I used to be mad for nail polish when I was in high school and I hadn’t decluttered since then which is a bit gross really haha! Thank you so much xx

  14. monica hein says:

    I got rid off a bag full of nail polishes. I still have so many more but dunno some of them I can;t bring myself to just throw away 🙁

  15. Missy May says:

    I don’t paint my nails, but these are some lovely shades.

  16. Paula says:

    I love a good declutter session- especially when it comes to nail polishes since I definitely have a bit of a hoarding tendency when it comes to those, haha!

    Paula | Thirteen Thoughts

  17. Ellese says:

    I am so with you! I use to have a massive stash of nail polish, it was my pride and joy the collection I had. But now, I can’t even remember when I last had my nails painted. Thank you for sharing this. Xo, Ellese


  18. I absolutely loved this post! I need to declutter my nail polish collection as there are some shades I either never wear or they’re ridiculously old and don’t work properly anymore. This has definitely inspired me to be a bit ruthless and get rid haha x

    Lauren |

  19. Ann says:

    I loved looking at your pics.
    Nail Polish and lipsticks!…Oh I just hoard them.
    Thanks for the inspo to declutter.
    You know I keep them on the ref
    so maybe it is time for me to organize my ref too.


  20. Kara says:

    I used to wear nail polish all the time too but I haven’t done my nails in over a year. This was really satisfying to read and you managed to clear out a lot! I’m taking this as my reminder to have a clear out of mine too haha.

    x Kara |

  21. Jenny says:

    I need to do this too! So satisfying and 32 is an amazing cull haha

    Jenny |

  22. Rachael says:

    I’ve just done a massive declutter too – unfortunately I used to be quite the collector a few years ago and I’ve got now hundreds boxed up and ready to leave. I’m not sure what to do with them, I think I might see if there’s a college near by who might be able to find some students willing to take them off my hands!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

  23. Erin Azmir says:

    The Essie ones you’re decluttering are so pretty! Too bad they didn’t work for you x

    erin x |

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